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2nd Progress Report – Al Asghery Residency, Dar es Salaam


The Africa Federation (AFED) in collaboration with the World Federation of KSIMC and with the cooperation of the KSI Jamaat of Dar es Salaam launched the first Rent-to-Own housing scheme in Dar es Salaam on 2nd February to coincide with the Birth Anniversary of Bibi Zainab (A.S) in February 2017.

The Housing Board is pleased to inform that the construction works of the Al Asghery Residency is progressing well and work has already reached the third floor (Pictured below).  It is anticipated that the Project will be completed as per schedule.

Regular visits are made by the Economic and Housing Development Board Members to assess the development and work in progress. Also, monthly site meeting take place at the construction site of the building.

There is a Site Engineer employed by the Contractor who keeps a close watch on the workmanship, quality control etc. of the project.

The project was floated to members of the Jamaat, a total number of 86 applications were received which currently under review.

The Allocation Ad-Hoc Committee consisting of three members from AFED and three members from DSM Jamaat was formed last month to go through the applications. Scrutinizing each application was a strenuous process, primarily in ensuring that the deserving and eligible families are allotted the 15 flats.

All applicants have already been called for interview and Insha’allah the Committee will inform the successful applicants in next two weeks.

This Project is a Rent-to-Own housing scheme, where the beneficiary only pays a deposit of about 20% of the cost of the flat and the rest is paid monthly as rental over the period of 12 years. Once fully paid the renter become the owner of the flat and will have documentation for the same, the renter who will become the owner will bear all the costs of the documentation, i.e. sub-title deed etc.

In the past few months, several visitors from overseas paid a visit to the construction site and were impressed with the progress. No doubt, the plot is small hence with the permit received from the City Authorities, the construction will consist of 8 floors only and the ground floor will be for the amenities, reception office etc.

The need is much higher than what we can offer presently, we hope our Community members will come forward and generously donate towards the noble cause in providing housing to our Community members, at reasonable cost with good standard of accommodation.

We wish to extend our deep appreciation to the Allocation Ad-Hoc Committee for their dedication and competency in the task they were assigned for.

We also express our gratitude to the World Federation of KSIM Communities for their support and cooperation, special thanks to Alhaj Ahmed Daya, Executive Councillor of the World Federation for his personal efforts and deep commitment to the cause of supporting the housing projects undertaken by Africa Federation for the members of our Community in our Jamaats in Africa.

Thanks to all the Members of the Economic and Housing Development Board of the Africa Federation for their continuous efforts, dedication and enthusiasm.