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1018 Stress Management Workshop – Dar-es-Salaam


The Social Services Committee of KSI Jamaat Dar-es-Salaam organized a Youth Workshop that addressed Stress Management on the 25th of July 2014/27thMahe Ramadhan 1435 A.H. The event aimed to serve the Wellbeing Awareness Campaign run by SSC and CBG (Capacity Building Group) and was facilitated by the latter.

The night program began at 11.00 p.m. and ended at 1.00 a.m. with Sehri in Mehfile Abbas, Dar es Salaam, with the following topics elaborated upon:

  • Ice Breaker between the participants
  • Analyzing at least one major cause of stress in life – a personal exercise
  • Identifying solutions to that stressor
  • Being able to recognize body stress levels in order to manage better
  • Being aware of the physical, emotional and behavioral signs of stress
  • Changing one’s approach to any stressor to reduce the stress.

Sister Zainab Alidina of the SSC was the Organiser of the Session which was attended by 34 Participants and facilitated by Sister Shama Dewji and Brother Sameer Kermalli of CBG.

Comments from the Participants
“What I liked the most was the Speakers, the Presentation and the Interaction. I love the initiative to talk and discuss about wellbeing in our community.”

“What I liked the most was the tips on how to manage stress, the fact that I knew my own remedy. Turn to GOD. Change the way you think about stress.”

The Capacity Building Group wishes to express its appreciation to the WellBeing Team and the Social Services Committee for organizing this Program and to Sister Shama Dewji and Brother Sameer Kermalli for facilitating the event.

CBG Secretariat