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1043 CBG Organizes Master Class for LDP Participants in Mombasa, Kenya


The Capacity Building Group (CBG) of the Africa Federation organized a Master Class for the participants of the LDP Sessions of 2011 and 2014 in Mombasa on Friday the 17th of October this year.

The objective of the Master Class was to develop on the subject areas learnt during the Leadership Development Programs, to further their growth on a personal level and in the community.

The Session was attended by 26 participants and started from 7.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. on Friday night at the Multi-Purpose hall of the Jaffery Academy, addressing the following areas:

  • The different of Styles of Conflict Management – a detailed overview.
  • A questionnaire to help each participant identify their dominant style of managing conflicts.
  • Group Charity Exercise – the Fishbowl Activity.
  • Feedback from the facilitators to the assigned group of each, after the group exercise – objective being the aspects learnt by the participants from the entire session.

“Conflict management style identified, was very interesting and very true for myself! It will help me a lot in my career!”

“What I liked the most was, watching a conflict and figuring the best way around it without actually contributing to it at the time.”

“A very conducive environment and a good discussion. In fact, I learnt a lot about conflict management in different situations”

“The fishbowl activity was very educational. It gave an opportunity to the participants to share their views”

“The on-table facilitator also was very positive and very softly gave an amazing individual feedback!”

Sister Mumtaz Ladak
“Calm & Effective”
“Added value to the main topic through her vast experience”
“Humble, speaks at the right time. Gives the most appropriate response/feedback”
“Connected all the points so well, laid out solutions and conclusions. Excellent facilitation”

Sister Shama Dewji
“Great Motivator”
“Very composed, confident. Asks a lot of probing questions”
“Clarity in explanations and ability to pick out small fine points”
“Facilitation was too good. She made an impact and points were discussed well.”

The Program was facilitated by Sister Mumtaz Ladak and Sister Shama Dewji while being coordinated by Sister Neelam Jiwa; from the Africa Federation Capacity Building Group (CBG).

“What I really liked, was the presentation and display of the program.”

On behalf of the Capacity Building Group of the Africa Federation, I wish to express my gratitude to the KSI Jamaat of Mombasa for hosting the event, the CBG Facilitators & Coordinator/s for sparing their valuable time to organize and impart their knowledge & experience, and the LDP Participants for valuing the opportunity.

We also wish to thank the World Federation Capacity Building Group for their guidance and cooperation.

CBG Secretariat