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1082 Alhaj Yasin Rahim conducts Master Class for LDP Participants


The Capacity Building Group of the Africa Federation organized a Master Class for the LDP Participants of 2011 and 2014 in Mombasa on the 8th of November this year.

The objective of the Master Class was to introduce a new concept raft which has emerged in people development sector. It’s called the chimp paradox and the master class would explore this concept in leadership context.

The Session ran from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm on Saturday afternoon at the Smart Board Room of Jaffery Academy, for a total of 23 participants.

The program was facilitated by Br. Yasin Rahim from Portsmouth, U.K. and coordinated by the CBG coordinators in Mombasa.

  • Very engaging and interactive. Brought about a lot of self reflection in knowing the chimp in me.
  • The best part was the last role play. The last part – the facilitator vs. Neelam

We wish to extend our appreciation to KSI Jamaat of Mombasa, Jaffrey Academy of Mombasa, Br. Yasin Rahim, Sis. Neelam Jiwa, Br. Mujtaba Peera and the volunteers.

Feedback from Participants:

  • Facilitator’s technique – very vibrant and engaging
  • A connection / reconciling with Islamic teachings on managing one’s ego would be very useful / interesting.

CBG Secretariat 

22nd December 2014