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1431 Capacity Building Group – Mentor Development Program for LDP Alumni – Mombasa


A two and a half day Mentor Development Program was held in Mombasa organized by the Capacity Building Group of Africa Federation.

The program was facilitated by Dr. Akber Mohamedali, Br. Yasin Rahim and Mrs. Zinnat Mohamedali, Facilitators from the World Federation Capacity Building Group.

15 LDP Alumni from Bukoba, Dar es Salaam, London, Mombasa and Nairobi, participated in the above program.

The core focus of the program was to have a clear and deeper understanding of the mentoring process, mentor and mentee relationship, the importance of reflective practice in the mentoring process etc. The participants were exposed to the Egan’s Skilled Helper Model for Mentoring and the core focus was practice, practice and practice.

The Egan’s model has three basic stages and each participant went through practicing those 3 stages with others. Equal opportunity was given to all for being a mentor and a mentee. For many of the participants this was an enrichment of some of the skills learnt in Leadership Development Program and it was a good refresher.

The resources used during the program were most appropriate and each participant was given his/her own personal book “Coaching and Mentoring at Work” by Mary Connor and Julia Pokora. The entire experience was very powerful for the group as each one got ample opportunity for practicing the skills. The debriefing sessions, feedback to individuals, pairs and groups helped everyone to improve. The reflective diary was also very helpful for recording and sharing reflections.

The experience was just awesome and it is highly recommended that more programs like this be organized to take the LDP graduates to another level of skills development.

We extend our appreciation to Africa Federation and the AFED Capacity Building Group Head, Mrs. Mumtaz Ladak for coordinating and supporting the program.

Our deep-felt gratitude is extended to the Facilitators who travelled from the UK to facilitate this useful and enlightening program.

We also express our heartfelt appreciation to the host Jamaat of Mombasa and its organizing team: Sis. Neelam Jiwa, Sis. Mumtaz Raffiq, Sis. Kulsum Khaku and Br. Mujtaba Peera, who ensured that every detail was taken care of – from airport pickups to accommodation, local transport and much more in an efficient and timely manner, which facilitated a conducive environment  for learning and sharing.

AFED – CBG, Dar es Salaam
8th June 2016