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1658 Press Release – 9th Leadership Development Programme held in Dar es Salaam in May 2017


The 9th Capacity Building Group CBG Africa Federation Leadership Development Programme in collaboration with Capacity Building Group of World Federation concludes with positive energy in Dar es Salaam this year.

The workshop was conducted at Seascape Hotel and Conference Center by the following Facilitators:

Dr. Akber Mohammedali, Sr. Mumtaz Ladak, Br. Shabbir Khalfan. Sr. Zinnat Mohammedali, Sr. Maria Pattinson and Sr. Shama Dewji, supported by the following Developmental Facilitators: Sr. Sofia Bharwani, Sr. Zahra Jacksi and Br. Inayat Abbas Firdousi and supported by admin staff Sr. Faseeha Sherally.

26 Participants from various Jamaats including Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi attended the workshop.

The focus of the program was envisioning our future, and  realisation that we can only achieve our ambitious community goals through creating highly capable, able and strategic leaders.

The aim is to help to develop leadership capacity across the communities in Africa  by unlocking the potential of our people to serve the community and humanity.

The Foundational Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed to allow participants to realize their own leadership styles and to enhance and evolve their skills to ensure more productive and efficient working methods.

Some Testimonials from Participants:

“Charity begins at home, now that I have realised the importance of this LDP programme, I will make sure that all my three children run through this programme for their journey ahead. Furthermore, I take this opportunity as a past chairperson of Marriage Support Group of KSIJ Dar, to request the Office bearers of AFED and KSIJ Dar that all the newly engaged couples should undertake this LDP programme before they actually sit for their Nikahs.”  Kausar Jeraj – Dar es Salaam

“I clearly remember when I was helping as a facilitator in a program whereby the first agenda was self-introduction to the participants.  Before my turn came I looked for the exit and slowly walked out without anyone noticing.  I would only go back once all introductions where complete so that I would not have to speak on a mic.  So, any program that has an introduction, what would Shakeel do, look for the exit and sneak out.

Then came the LDP Program in Dar es Salaam.  I had two instrumental people to encourage me to take part in this program.  They were Hussein Bhai Karim and one of our very own facilitator, Shabbir Khalfan.  I still remember when Shabbir and I were talking outside of my office and he was convincing me to take part in this program.  I quote him saying to me, “Shakeel give me four days of your life and then I will ask you.”

As I stand in front of you here today, is a testimony of how valuable and instrumental this program has been for my personal development and growth.  This program and its facilitators have helped me in understanding myself better and have empowered me with tools to understand my temperament, my interaction style and how to overcome my fears.  It has taught me on how to come out of my comfort zone so that I can see my personal growth and full potential.” Shakeel Nazarali – Dar es Salaam

“I have gone for a couple of development programs and I’ve been given theory but no way to apply it and I end up finding the process of change difficult but LDP touched my heart it not only gave me theory but also showed me how to apply that theory in my daily life. LDP provided me with a tool kit that will help me in the change process. I go back from here with a tool kit to help me in my process of change.”  Shelina Alimohamed – Nairobi

“Imam Ali (AS) has said, ‘The ultimate knowledge of a man is to know himself’.  The whole workshop was educative and enlightening but I will talk about one part that I feel has impacted me most – Self Awareness by understanding my iceberg.  What is an iceberg? It is the 10% physical appearance of a person that we see and the 90% is the internal of a person that we can’t see. In short, as I go back today, I am going as a better version of myself and ready to radiate my enhanced knowledge and skills to others.”  Sajida Fayaz Jaffer – Dar es Salaam

The AFED Capacity Building Group thanks the WF Capacity Building Group and the Facilitators for all the time and energy they sacrificed in facilitating the 9th Leadership Development Program.

Special thanks and appreciation is extended to Alhaj Asghar Bharwani for his generous sponsorship of 9 participants from Madrasatuz Zahra and Husayni Madrasah.  We are very grateful to Mr.& Mrs. Shiraz Jessa for hosting the Facilitators.

And we express our gratitude to the participants, who took the time off in interest of their personal development to serve the community at large and to their families for all the sacrifice and support offered.

CBG Secretariat