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1883 Bilal Bulletin – BMM Kenya – ICT Training in Bahakanda Centre


The Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya conducted a 5-day IT training seminar at Bahakanda Primary School in Kwale County from 6th to 10th August 2018. The Principal of Bahakanda Primary School, neighbouring our Husayni Centre requested the Mission to allow our IT technician to train their teachers on how to use computers and tablets that were provided to the school by the Ministry of Education. Since BMMK’s mission is to build self reliant and independent communities, the administration of the Mission assisted in sending the IT technician to facilitate in this training.


The total number of participants’ present were 22. The participants in this training were teachers from Bahakanda Primary School, BMMK staff from the Husayni Centre and some community members. We had seven laptops and a projector to visually present the theory sessions.


The five-day course consisted of the following;

  • Introduction to computers
  • Word processing
  • Excel
  • Power point
  • Computer and mobile technology
  • Maintenance of systems
  • Internet
  • The Kenya government portals i.e. ecitizen, Tsc, T-pad, Emails , KRA e.t.c

Activities Undertaken During the Training

  • An evaluation was first conducted by the instructor from BMMK, IT department to identify the potential of the trainees.  This was a week before the commencement of the program.
  • The training had two sessions: The first session dealt with theory while the second one was mainly concerned with practical lessons.
  • The trainer placed the participants in groups of 4 so that they could all get a chance to operate the laptops provided.
  • Studying in groups promoted communication amongst participants thus creating active participation during sessions.


The Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank all those involved in this training program.

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Compiled By: Br. Yusuf Abwanzo

Prepared by: Sis. Faraah Sumar