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1884 Bilal Bulletin – BMM Kenya – EU Program – Computer Training Centre at Mackinnon Centre


The people of Mackinnon road rural centre do not have proper access to any form of computer education. This obviously means that they cannot benefit from the vast array of learning options based on computers and also their lack of computer skills is potentially a big impediment to future job opportunities.

The main purpose for these computer classes is to provide computer knowledge to the youth, staff members and facility users, to build their capacity and support literacy around the area.

By operating Computer classes, we hope to provide them with an opportunity to experience and benefit from the technologies available by:

  1. Youth and Madrassah students -Enhancing learning capabilities using educational software that will help them in learning and researching- resulting in better performance.
  2. Centre staff- Training and making them computer literate which can ease the report writing process, and also enable faster communication through access to mails.
  3. Tailoring students -to keep them updated on the new trends and to enable them use software which can assist in designing clothes.
  4. An impact assessment will be conducted at regular intervals to gauge the effectiveness of computer studies in the center. The Mission is also working on spreading computer knowledge by opening more computer classes in other centers too.


“The project is positively moving but we have to give it time to pick as it is still in a new phase. This course (computer) is in high demand here in Mackinnon Road, and I am sure in a short while changes will be seen.  – Br. Salim Koko-Computer Teacher

“The announcement about computer classes is continuously being received in a positive way and most of the youth are preparing themselves to join the classes soon. Now that schools are open, we are expecting the news to spread and InshaAllah we will receive more students in the coming days. – Ust Khalid Issa-Assistant In-charge

“The committee is pleased with the introduction of computer classes.  As it is a new project, we are sure it will benefit our kids and community at large. Also with the financial status of the residents in Mackinnon, they are happy with the affordable rate of fees.  – Sis. Fatuma Salim, community member

The Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank and appreciate the generous support and funding from AFED and BETA charitable trust in the construction of two classrooms for the computer and library. The Mission is also grateful to the chairman of CBB Mohsin Bhai Lalji, for his generous donation of computers, TV and DVD player. The Mission also thanks all those involved in this training program.

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