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AFED Solidarity Day 1433 AH Collection Report


Ref: JMT/173/12


We are pleased to present the following details of the collection of this year’s AFED Solidarity Day Fund.

We take this opportunity to thank the Member Jamaats for their support and efforts towards this project with successful results this year again as can be observed in the tabulation appended here below.

Similarly, we would like to thank our community members who have come forward whole heartedly with compassion to support this annual project of the Africa Federation.

We pray to Allah (swt) with the wasilah of the Imam of our time, Al Hujjah Al Mahdi (ATFS) to grant our community members, the inspiration and tawfeeqat to continue supporting the project for the good cause – This year, the amount collected will be utilized for the needy and deserving families in our community in areas such as school fees, medical expenses, house rent, and other household expenses etc.


Aunali Khalfan
Hon Secretary