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Fill My Cup Appeal 2016: Sponsor a hungry child in Kenya in the name of Lady Zainab (as)


‘That which you have eaten has gone, but what you have fed to others spreads (like a pleasant fragrance). Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)

Despite their hunger, thirst and difficulties in Karbala, Lady Zainab (as) took charge of caring for the children in Imam Husayn’s (as) camp. When the enemy set fire to the tents after killing Imam Husayn (as), it was Lady Zainab (as) who took control to protect the lives of the orphan children left under her care. When the family of Imam Husayn (as) was taken as prisoners to Kufa and to Damascus, it was the love and comfort of Lady Zainab (as) that consoled the hearts of the children who endured so much suffering. Like her grandmother and mother, Lady Zainab (as) opened her heart to children.

Every day, thousands of children in Kenya struggle with hunger. Families living in poverty can barely manage to afford one proper meal a day where children are often the silent victims. We know that hunger causes children to become irritable and fatigued. When they are hungry, they cannot concentrate in the classroom which results in poor grades. With this gloomy cycle, boys and girls have no incentive to attend school.

No child should start their day famished and The World Federation is doing something about this problem. The Fill My Cup Appeal is a breakfast-at-school program which aims to provide 3,853 students across 14 schools and 15 madaris a hot porridge breakfast every morning so that they can find success in learning from a full stomach. We have seen that children in this program are happier, laughing, energized and are able to focus in the classroom. They are even scoring better on assignments and exams. Parents have told us that knowing they will receive a cup of porridge at school, their children look forward to going to school each morning. That’s real success!


Lady Zainab’s (as) heart is forever open and generous to all children – past, present and future. Please sponsor a hungry child in Kenya today in the name of Lady Zainab (as). With your donation to the Fill My Cup Appeal, we can continue to provide hot porridge breakfasts to 3,853 students across 14 schools and 15 madaris in Kenya. The more children you can sponsor, the greater the impact this program will have. Can we count on you?

Salim is 6 years old and attends one of 15 madaris where children receive a hot porridge breakfast daily. Salim comes from a low-income household and benefits from this breakfast program. Parents and teachers have noticed an improvement in his overall health and vigour. Salim’s attendance has also improved.

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The cost of sponsoring a child’s breakfast meal is as follows:








Sponsor 1 child




Sponsor 3 children




Sponsor 5 children




Sponsor 10 children





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