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Guidelines on Zakat al-Fitrah


Circular No.: JMT/73/2016

We enclose herewith Guidelines on Zakat al-Fitrah prepared by Sheikh Kumail Rajani of Islamic Education Department of the World Federation.

Payment of Zakat al-Fitrah becomes obligatory after sunset on the eve of Eid al-Fitr. The Fitrah should be kept aside and paid on Eid al-Fitr before Eid prayers or before midday for those who cannot say their Eid prayers. It is necessary to have obligatory intention (Niyyah) of giving Fitrah for God’s pleasure only.

The Guidelines are based on the fatawa of our Marja-e-Taqleed Ayatullah Seyed Ali al-Hussaini al-Sistani r.a.

Please remit your Zakat al-Fitrah to your local Jamaat’s Representatives who are assigned this responsibility by the Jamaat. In this way, the Jamaat will be able to distribute Zakat al-Fitrah properly to the deserving people and families in good time.

Hussein Karim
Hon. Secretary

Download:  Zakat al-Fitrah Guidelines (PDF, 412KB)