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Mombasa Hosts Successful 72nd Session of the Supreme Council of Africa Federation


The 72nd Session of the Supreme Council of the Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa was held in Mombasa, Kenya from Friday, 1st to Sunday, 3rd April 2011, where a record 150 councillors and invitees participated.

On Friday night, the Mombasa Jamaat hosted a dinner at the Jaffery Academy and invited all members of the Jamaat, councillors and visitors.  Members of the Jamaat were also invited at the Opening Session where a fair number of ladies also attended. The Mulla Asgar Memorial Hall at the Jaffery Academy was full to its capacity.

The opening session commenced with the recitation of verses from Holy Qura’n by a Madrassah student. The Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Br. Nishathusein Karim then welcomed the Chairman of Mombasa Jamaat, Alhaj Sajjad Khaki to deliver his Welcome Address. Sajjad bhai spoke on moral values, sacrifices and the challenges we face at the present time. He cautioned all present to be alert and not to get swayed away from religious and social values.


The Chairman of Afed, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi addressed the councillors, invitees and guests who came from several Jamaats and Institutions within and outside Africa. He delivered his address in Gujarati; while copies of the English translation of his address were distributed to all the participants. Anwarali bhai covered key points giving an overview of the various activities undertaken by Afed since April 2010. He gave a brief outline of the various activities and the goals set. He strongly emphasized on the centralization of Hukuk Funds and pointed out the challenges Afed was facing in regards to funding of the various projects and activities like: Higher Education, Tabligh, Housing, Medical and Welfare. He pointed out that the situation of the East African national economy was worsening thereby affecting many of our community members and therefore, needs were increasing each month.
Addressing the Jamaat leaders and the Councillors, the Chairman called for a particular focus on a few areas and requested serious attention:-

  • Economic Upliftment/Eradication of poverty.
  • Outstanding Higher Education Loan Repayments – Action plan on the Defaulters.
  • The counseling of the couples set for matrimonial relations.
  • Promotion and maintenance of inter-faith relation within the Muslim Ummah.

The Chairman’s Address has been uploaded and can be accessed on our website:www.africafederation.org


The Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali awarded recognition medals to four prominent members of the community for their honorary and voluntary services to the  Federation and to the community at large. Citation for each of the recipients was read out giving a brief chronicle of the exemplary contributions and years of selfless services by the recepients. They were:

  • Marhum Fidahussein Abdulla Hameer – Haydery Medal (Awarded posthumously) (1)
  • Alhaj Mohamed Abdulla Khalfan – Husseini Medal (2)
  • Alhaj Sultan Pyarali Molu – Husseini Medal (3)
  • Alhaj Sheikh Abdillahi Nassir – Abbasi Medal (4)

Alhaj Hussein M. Jaffer received the Medal and Citation on behalf of late Alhaj Fidahussein Hameer, who had passed away in Dar-es-Salaam on 6th March 2011.



The Afed Chairman also acknowledged and appreciated the Jamaats who have played prominent roles in organizing the Afed events since April 2010. They were presented with “Token of Appreciation” by the Federation, and they were:

  • Nairobi Jamaat – For hosting the Ladies Festival in April 2010 (1)
  • Arusha Jamaat – For hosting the Cricket Festival in September (2)
  • Moshi Jamaat – For hosting the Golf Tournament in March 2011 (3)
  • Mombasa Jamaat – For hosting the 72nd Supreme Council Session in April 2011 (4)
  • Mustafa bhai Jaffer (Sabodo), Philanthropist – For his great support & contributions (5)

Mustafabhai Jaffer (Sabodo) a Philanthropist who has made numerous contributions to the Jamaats in East Africa was presented with a Token of Appreciation by Afed for his regular support and financial contributions, in several sectors of the Jamaats and Afed. (5)

72NDPR5AThe WF President also expressed his concern over the current adverse economic situation in many parts of the world, including Africa and increase in poverty in the community. He informed that various initiatives were being worked upon by the WF in collaboration with the Regional bodies for sectors which included housing and education.

The WF President also expressed concern over the current adverse economic situation in many parts of the world, including Africa and increase in poverty in the community. He informed that various initiatives were being worked upon by the WF in collaboration with the Regional bodies for sectors which included housing and education.

Some Councillors and Invitees spoke when the Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan then invited observations from the floor on the keynote address of the Afed Chairman and the one of the WF President.



The Session was adjourned at midnight on Friday, and was resumed the following day to continue with the remaining items of the agenda. These included reports from the Secretariat and various Boards of Afed.

For the first time, Afed organized a presentation on Taxation of Charitable Institutions, which was made by Alhaj Murtaza Nasser, Director of FTC Consultants Ltd. based in Dar-Es-Salaam.




The Following Presented Reports/Papers:

  • Secretariat, Setwel, Housing Development & Economic Upliftment
  • LDP – Capacity Building &  Taxation of Charitable Institutions
  • Central Bilal Board (CBB), Bilal Muslim Missions of Kenya, Tanzania  & Uganda
  • Women’s Needs Assessment
  • Tabligh Board (AFTAB)
  • AF Youth Network (AYN)
  • Education Board/MAMAS
  • Editorial Board
  • Central Health Board (CHB)
  • AF Sports Council
  • Trust Board
  • Accounts and Budgets – By the Hon. Treasurer of Afed.

Election of Internal Auditor

Alhaj Mohamed Lalji was elected unopposed to the post of the Internal Auditor of Afed for the remaining term up to 2013. We congratulate Mohamed bhai on his election and wish him all the success. The new Terms of Reference for an Internal Auditor were also approved.

Formation of Women’s Board

A resolution was proposed by a Councillor from the floor for the formation of a Women’s Board, which received unanimous support. The 72nd Session will remain a landmark in the history of Afed, as being the Session when the Women’s Board was formed. The Women’s Needs Assessment paper was presented by Sis. Sukaina Gulamhusein of Mombasa.

Sportsman and Sportswomen Winners – 2010

Br. Ali Remtulla of Unions Sports Club of Dar-es-Salaam was nominated Sportsman of the Year 2010; Ali plays Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Squash and Badminton

The Sportswoman of the Year 2010 went to Sis. Abida Virjee who is a member of Kilimeru Sports Club of Arusha, she plays Badminton, Netball, Rounders, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket and Football. Congratulations to both the winners.


The following resolutions were presented at the Session:

  1. Increase of rate of Afed Subscription per head, from US$1 to US$2 w.e.f. 2011, This was unanimously adopted.
  2. Removal of the upfront administration levy presently charged by the WF.  It was approved as an Afed Resolution to be tabled at the WF Conference in May 2011.
  3. Submitted by COEJ to the WF Secretariat for amendment to Clause No. 20.1.1. Issue of Notice by the Electoral Commission, to change to 100 days in place of 3 months. This Resolution for WF by COEJ was approved by Afed.



The Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi expressed his deep gratitude and thanks to Mombasa Jamaat for the invitation to host the 72nd Supreme Council Session, and for successfully organizing the 3 days Session at the Jaffery Academy.

Our Appreciation to all the members of Mombasa Jamaat for the wonderful hospitality and warm reception accorded to Afed Office Bearers, Councillors and Invitees who participated in the 72ndSupreme Council Session. We are also thankful to Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya and the Walking Group of Jaffery Sports Club of Mombasa for their kind hospitality.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the Organizing Committee and the Volunteers for the wonderful services extended to us. A lot of time and effort has gone in to preparations for the Session, and this is very much appreciated.

Lastly, we wish to thank all those who attended and participated at the Session in Mombasa, including the ladies, and the youths, some participants having travelled from far and away – we appreciate their attendance and also their contributions in the deliberations.