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Muharram 1433: The World Federation launches ‘Islamic Scholars for Islamic Centres’ fundraising appeal


muharam_appeal_1“May God shower (His) mercy upon a people who had been lamps and illumination (for guiding others); they used to invite people towards us by means of their deeds.” (Imam Sadiq (as))

In Pakistan’s flood-affected areas, Islam is vanishing. Local residents across the nation’s remote villages cannot afford the services of Islamic scholars, who are desperately needed to provide religious guidance in these communities. Sponsoring Alims to invite the locals back to Islam is a form of Thawaab e Jaariyah.

This Muharram, The World Federation of KSIMC in Partnership with The Africa Federation, The Council of European Jamaats, NASIMCO, and The Pakistan Federation is launching the Muharram 1433: Islamic scholars for islamic centres appeal. Because of your support, a child somewhere in Pakistan will be guided on the path of the Ahlul Bayt (as).

NEED FOR religious GUIDANCE in pakistan’s remote villages

In July 2010, floods destroyed over 200 mosques, imambaras and madrasahs across Pakistan’s remote villages. With no Islamic centres, a displaced community, and no means of income, local scholars were no longer able to preach here. Last Muharram, The World Federation appealed to you to help rebuild 40 of these Islamic centres. With your support, we surpassed our target; today, 66 of 105 new Islamic Centres are ready.

These new centres no require qualified Alims to serve the religious needs of all children, women and men. Traditionally, Alims were sponsored by local community members. Since the October 2005 earthquake and the July 2010 floods, poverty levels are immense and villages can no longer afford the services of religious guides. It is only a matter of time (about 3 years) before these communities are financially independent again and able to sustain their own Islamic centres. For now, they are struggling, and many are disengaging from Islam.


The Islamic scholars for islamic centres appeal is a 40-day campaign led by The World Federation to raise funds to place qualified Alims in each of the new Islamic centres we are rebuilding. By ensuring that these centres offer the local community members the services and guidance of religious guides, we will be keeping the message of the Ahlul Bayt (as) alive. We must keep the progress going.

The World Federation is working with Shaykh Mohsin Ali Najafi, an eminent scholar and Patron-in-Chief of Al Kauthar Islamic University in Islamabad. To ensure that our centres are well utilised, and that people are educated in Islamic teachings, Shaykh Najafi has pledged to support this initiative by selecting and placing qualified Islamic scholars into the centres.



Thawaab e Jaariyah means ‘continuous charity’. A continuous charity is initiating an action that remains active even after the one who gifted it is deceased. For example, if a person digs a well, then for as long as other people benefit from that well, the donor will get thawaab (rewards) even after he/she dies. It is one of the best forms of charity we can give which will outlive us. As well, giving Sadaqah Jaariyah for the Isaale Thawaab of our parents and loved ones who have deceased is one of the best gifts which will benefit their souls.

For every word a child learns from the Islamic scholar you sponsor in part or in full, you will continue to receive rewards beyond this world.


There are great benefits to inviting people to learn about the teachings of Islam. The Holy Prophet (S) has said: “By God! If God, the Mighty and Glorious, were to guide (even) one person at your hands, it would be better for you than all the things upon which the sun shines.”

Just as Imam Husayn (AS) sacrificed his life to reform the ummah of the Holy Prophet (S) in the way of Islam, let us also give whatever we can to revive Islam in the remote villages of Pakistan by sponsoring Islamic scholars in each of our new centres.

The World Federation of KSIMC is calling upon the support of all Jamaats, Islamic Centres, Madrasahs and community members from around the world to support this appeal by:


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For more information, please email relief@world-federation.org