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Navazaly Molou Appointed as AFED Nominated Councillor


Circular No: JMT/42/16                                               

Under the provisions of the Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaats of Africa Constitution, Clause 21 (d), the Chairman, Alhaj Shabir Najafi has the pleasure to appoint Alhaj Navazaly Rossanaly Molou of Madagascar as a Nominated Councillor of Africa Federation for the term 2016-2019.

Alhaj Navazaly is the immediate past Chairman of Conseil Regional Des Khojas Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamates De L’Ocean Indien (CROI) and the Vice Chairman of the Africa Federation from CROI. On 9th December, 2016, he handed over the Chairmanship to Sheikh Haniphe Akbaraly who was elected CROI Chairman for the term 2016 – 2019.

Navazaly bhai has been designated a position of International Relations. In the present environment, it is of great importance for an Institution like ours to have talented, experienced and dedicated person in such a position to enhance relationships etc.

Navazaly bhai has served for many years in various positions and also in the leadership positions in our Community organizations; he has also been involved in public and social services in Madagascar, organizing various activities for the less fortunate and poor in the society jointly with other communities. He has been actively involved in promoting inter-faith and intra-faith relationships in Madagascar. He has developed close relationships and cooperation with various communities in Madagascar.

We extend our heartiest congratulations to Navazaly bhai on this appointment and wish him a successful and productive term.

The following are the Nominated Councillors of Africa Federation for the term 2016-2019 to-date.

  1. Alhaj Amir Merali                Mombasa
  2. Mrs. Fatim Sadick Somji       Dar-es-Salaam
  3. Alhaj Gulamabbas Khaku      Mombasa
  4. Alhaj Mohamed Nathoo         Dar-es-Salaam
  5. Alhaj Navazaly Molou           Madagascar
  6. Alhaj Rizwan Peera              Arusha
  7. Alhaj Saeed Ali Vazir            Kinshasa
  8. Alhaj Salim Somji                Bujumbura

Hussein A. Karim
Hon. Secretary