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Solidarity Day Fund Collection – 2013/1434 AH




At the Youth Conference held in Dar es Salaam in April 2013, the youth expressed desire and commitment to serve the community at large, to this end; the Secretariat had the honour to create an opportunity this time by involving the youth of our community in planning, promoting and managing the AFED Solidarity Day.

As a result of the above, we appointed the following Ad-hoc Committee who worked hand-in-hand with the Youth Representatives of the Jamaats and the AFED Secretariat.

  • Farhan Yusuf                                       Convenor
  • Imran Sherali                                      Asst. Convenor
  • Alihassan Kassam                            Member
  • Fatema Meghji                                    Member
  • Haleemah Muhammad Husayn      Member
  • Maisam Dossa                                   Member
  • Tahirhassan Dewji                            Member
  • Zahra Lalji                                           Member
  • Zahra Sheriff                                       Member
  • Shahana Nassor                               Representative – Madagascar
  • Mohammed Waqar Kassamali      Representative – Mombasa
  • Salimali Panjwani                             Representative – Mwanza
  • Ayman Jaffer                                       Representative – Nairobi

For the first time, the Kilimeru Sports of Arusha working along with the Jamaat and the AFED Councillors in Arusha collectively organized a Charity Walk on Sunday, 7th July 2013 for Solidarity Day fund raising, and T. Shs: 2,787,000/- was raised from this event. We are very grateful for this innovative idea and for the efforts made by the youths and community members in Arusha.

The Chairman and Office Bearers of the Africa Federation wish to thank, the World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities, Conseil Regional of Madagascar (CROI), Association of Reunion (UAKSIR), all the Jamaats who have participated, the donors and the well-wishers for their support and contributions towards the Solidarity Day Fund. May Allah (SWT) with the blessings of this Holy Month of Ramadhan bestow abundantly His grace and mercy to all those involved in one way or the other in this annual event.

Collection for the Solidarity Day fund will continue during the Holy Month of Ramadhan and members may contribute through their local Jamaats, or send their contributions directly to the Africa Federation Secretariat office in Dar es Salaam.

We are pleased to report that, by the grace of Allah (SWT) and with the auspicious occasion of the celebration of the birth anniversary of our living Imam, Al Hujjah Al Mahdi (ATFS) we have collected so far a good sum of US$ 196,487.00 towards the fund.

These funds will be utilized by Africa Federation for the less fortunate and deserving members of our community in our Jamaats throughout the year towards education, medical expenses, healthcare and other essential requirements.

Following are details of the collection of this year’s AFED Solidarity Day Fund received so far, we are expecting more funds to flow in from the Regional Federations.


For more details to send your donations, please contact Africa Federation Secretariat by email: secretariat@africafederation.org

Aunali Khalfan
Hon Secretary