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Africa Federation Sponsors Four Bilal Comprehensive School Students for Secondary Education in Dar es Salaam


Africa Federation Sponsors Four Bilal Comprehensive School Students for Secondary Education in Dar es Salaam

On Sunday 9th September 2018, the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania Comprehensive School (BSC) celebrated its 17th Graduation Ceremony for the Standard Seven (VII) students.

The Africa Federation Chairman Alhaj Shabir Najafi, Vice Chairman Alhaj Aunali Khalfan and the Chairman of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania Alhaj Muslim Meghji graced the occasion. Also, in attendance were Dr. Ramadhani the Commissioner of the Temeke District as Guest of Honour and heads of several schools including deputy principal of Shaban Robert Secondary School – Ms. Bhalloo, as well as other primary schools in and around Temeke district.

This bitter sweet day saw 47 graduates clad in their bright maroon uniforms, buzzing with excitement as they completed an important milestone of their life. Nostalgia swept through the graduates and their teachers as their 10 year at BCS flashed back in front of them. Proud parents swarmed the hall, alumni of BCS, guests and well wishers of BCS all took their seats as the program began of what was to be a day to remember!

The program comprised of various entertainment items. Students of the younger classes recited a farewell poem for the graduating class and the graduating class sang a goodbye song. The students performed a drama expressing the yearn for time from their parents, and that money is no substitute to their valuable time – a profound message! There were moving speeches by the head girl and head boy of the school, who shared memories of their time in the school and their ambitions as they go forth. There were then words of advice from the head teacher who gave a glimpse of how well the alumni of BCS are doing. The guest of honour also shared his words of wisdom, and praised the school for their standard of education and discipline inculcated in the students.

Then came the most awaited and nail biting moment; the announcement of awards to the best students and presentation of graduating certificates by the School Administrator. There was cheer in the crowd as one name after another was announced.

The Chairman of Africa Federation announced that the top four students of the batch would be awarded full scholarships for secondary education (“O” Levels) in a school of the students’ choice There was applauding in the crowd, as the students as well as their parents had tears in their eyes! Indeed, a reward for their hard work! Africa Federation has granted full scholarships for secondary school education to the best performing students from BCS in the previous years.  The students are:

  • Asma Hassan Kambi
  • Muhaditha Yusuf Simba
  • Riyaz Amak Nabola
  • Sauda Mwalim Tego

Teachers were also awarded and recognized for their efforts on this occasion by the BCS Administration.

On behalf of The Bilal Muslim Mission Tanzania, the Chairman Alhaj Muslim Meghji awarded a Jaffari Award to Mrs. Siddika Karim in recognition of her 22 years of outstanding services and dedication to the Bilal Comprehensive School, which apart from giving education to the students also spreads the true message of Islam and the Madh’ab of Ahlulbayt (AS).

The day ended with delicious lunch amidst the hugs, tears and smiles! The 17th batch of students left with good memories after having spent 10 years of their tender life at BCS. We are grateful to have been able to equip them enough to go forth from here today ready to continue their journey into becoming capable adults to one day serve their country and their fellow men.

The Africa Federation Secretariat wishes to record its appreciation to the BSC Administrator, staff and teachers for their dedication and hard work. May Allah (SWT) increase in their tawfeeqat and continue to impart the education to the children for their better future.