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Education Board News Flash 2 – 2019


Education Board Strategy Meeting

The Education Board team consists of members from various cities in East Africa and from various different professional and educational backgrounds. This geographical and professional diversity allows for greater representation across our Jamaats and better perspective in terms of education related matters.

While the Education Board team frequently utilizes technology for regular communications and decision making it also emphasizes on physical meetings allowing all members to come together for key deliberations and strategy development for the board.

In December 2018, the Education Board team met to evaluate the term as the board enters the last six months in office and to strategize for key initiatives that need to be launched before the transition and be handed over to the next team.

Among the major deliberations were:

  • Development of an online resource center for Education related resources
  • Better engagement strategy for the Alumni Network
  • A review of the Education Board policies and processes
  • Improved use of technology for the Education Board processes including loan applications

Over the next few months we will be providing further information about these initiatives. Keep watching this space and feel free to reach out to the Education Board Secretariat in case of any feedback through education@africafederation.org

EB Secretariat