Bilal Muslim Mission Kenya

To promote the Madhab of Ahlul Bait (a.s.) with other non-member Shia communities and with Muslims and non-Muslims at large in Kenya

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya organized its fifth Economic Upliftment Project seminar for six days that began on 20th February 2016 at the Bilal Hall, Mombasa.

The main goal was to educate the women under the Economic Upliftment Project from the rural centers.

Two ladies from each group of BMM Kenya centers and 3 women from Nakuru participated.

Some of the activities carried out in the workshop were: Making of hair shampoo, Jewel crafting session, Business Development and Management lecture, Diseases Affecting Goats and their Preventive Measures, Cooking of various food items which was facilitated by the Creative Cooking Committee and Islamic Religious Education lectures were also conducted.

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 “Together WE can Make A Difference”

For the fifth consecutive year, a six day seminar was organized from 20th – 25th, February 2016 at the Bilal Hall, Mombasa. The main objectives of these exhibitions were to give the group members of the Economic Upliftment Project the needed exposure on practical marketing and business skills as well as provide a platform for networking.

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“Together WE Can Make a Difference”

“If a man like Muhamed were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness.”  George Bernard Shaw

Michael H Hart in his book The 100, Ranking of the most Influential Persons in History selected Prophet Muhammed (SAWW) as the most influential person, his reason was that it was only Prophet Muhammed who was supremely successful in both religious and secular levels.
To mark the birth anniversary of this Great and Noble Personality, Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya organized Milad Un Nabii (SAWW) Celebrations on 30th December 2015 at the Bilal Hall, Mombasa. The function attracted Muslims brothers from all corners of Mombasa and it’s environ. Qaswida were recited by various individuals.

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