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The Africa Federation Education Board in collaboration with the Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) and the Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB) and Capacity Building Group (CBG) organized and conducted the Neuro-Psychology of Learning Program (NPL) from 9th to 13th April for Nairobi Jaffery Academy in Nairobi. The workshops were facilitated by Br. Shabbirhussein Khalfan, and Sis Shama Dewji from CBG. A total of 40 teachers and admin staff were trained in 2 cohorts.

The NPL program is a two-day course aimed at helping teachers better understand themselves, their students, and how to positively inspire the next generation.

NPL focuses on a learner-centred approach to education, which means lessons are centred on each individual child. A combination of formal and informal processes such as collaborative learning (learning something together) and role-modelling creates an attitude that respects differences and self-awareness that children and young people benefit from.

The program gives teachers new ideas on how to motivate positive learning from within the classroom.

Feedback from Participants on what they liked the most:

  • How the facilitators engaged the learners during the process: we were fully involved.
  • Discovering who I am i.e. my personality and why I behave the way I do.
  • I have been able to identify my temperament and know how to apply it with my interaction with others.
  • Knowing my temperament and identifying myself.
  • I was able to discover my temperament and how I will flex my energies to fit the temperaments and energies of others.
  • The engagement of the facilitators, they involved everyone and they were thorough and exhaustive with the given time.
  • I was able to identify my temperament, the challenges I have and the strengths.
  • The learning was very involving thorough and very stimulating
  • I received high support and high challenge which have led to optimal results.
  • The learning was very involving thorough and very stimulating.

At the end of the program, participants:

  • Experienced a comprehensive self-assessment covering key psychological frameworks involved in learning.
  • Reviewed in detail the learning needs, energies and thinking approaches for different students.
  • Identified the inherent strengths and challenges they might face as teachers based on their needs, energy and thinking approach.
  • Learned how to adapt their style to teach more effectively.
  • Established an action plan to apply these skills and techniques in everyday situations.

We are very grateful to Africa Federation for supporting the program, Jaffery Academy of Nairobi for hosting the event, the two Facilitators Br. Shabbirhussein Khalfan and Sis. Shama Dewji for their valuable time once again to reach out and the Teaching Personnel for attending and contributing positively during the sessions.

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