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Inspiration for Aspiration - Sharing Student Stories

Name:  Sadiqa Janmohammed
Degree acquired: Bachelors of Arts in Psychology
University studied in: United States International University- Africa
Location of University: Nairobi, Kenya
Jamaat: Nairobi
The trek after A-levels is said to be the beginning of our independent journey. We step into a world where we now question and are questioned for our beliefs, ethics as well as our morality. The question arises is how do you prepare for the unknown? We have all been raised as Shia Muslims, with firm beliefs from Tawheed to the 14 infallibles, yet the test arises with the inquisition, sometimes in a positive manner but more often than not, in the negatives. The challenge in a multinational and multi-religious educational institution to us, as Twelver’s is quite large, and we need to learn how to respond to such challenges before we lose ourselves.

I began my path with lots of difficulty but I strongly believed it would be the attitude that I would have, that would change the outcome no matter where I would go.  For most people university is a means to an end: it may be for a degree, or it is simply the next step in life, or your parents expect it of you, or you want to make the most out of life. Whatever the reason, I believe that my university experience has provided a wide horizon of opportunities which I hope will open numerous doors for my future and allow me to become a valuable member of society.

I chose psychology with the hope that studying psychology will give me the opportunity to understand our human race and society better, and later apply my knowledge to benefit those around me, be it in any setting. However, as I researched on my degree, the ultimate problem I realized was that there were thousands of Psychology Graduates being produced in large masses and many of which become redundant post university. So what was the worth of my degree once I would come out of university?  After a very long and thoughtful deliberation, I chose a field that was quite relevant and required in the world today, which is Industrial Organizational Psychology.

I graduated with first Class honors (Summa Cum Laude) and as a Valedictorian at United States International University- Africa. I have always believed that education should be a freedom for the mind, not an enslavement of our ego.  That is the reason that I believe that my degree has enabled me to see things at a slightly different angle than I could before, and allows me to think differently; perhaps better. Now I can see professional possibilities, and I am motived to do more, be more, and contribute more.

I have been inspired to give back in many ways; by being a better society member or actively participating in our local community. I want to continue to give back wherever I can because I now understand that education is nothing without the contributions of others.

Professors, friends and parents are paramount for the best university experience. Professors are vital in challenging you to improve and to bring out your finest within your learning realm. They aren’t just there for References in your Resume. Friends are your support foundation; pick the ones who will stand the storms with you. Parents will believe in you and encourage you, especially when you are at the brink of capitulating with despair.

The main reason for going to university is to get an academic qualification, but personally, I think that the social side of things and developing as a person are equally important. We hear all the time, “Oh, you can make it as long as you have the connections”. Guess what? University allows you make those connections because everyone knows everyone in one way or another. Putting your head in your books all day, every day fulfils only one part of your university experience. Trust me; your social life in university puts your life in balance.

The AFED Education Board is very pleased to report this success story from Sadiqa Janmohamed.  We wish her every success and look forward to hear more achievements. We are delighted to note of her quest to give back to the community by helping people in need of her expertise – Keep it up.


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