To work towards the development of a comprehensive policy embracing all academic Education requirements of the member Jamaats, develop comprehensive educational policy to cater for the member Jamaats present and future requirements and ensure harmonization of the activities and effective operation of the constituent elements of the education board and establish necessary communication, coordination and liaison with appropriate institutions worldwide.

Ref: EBS/Flash/06/2012


The Africa Federation Education Board is pleased to announce the appointed Mr. Hassan Dewji as a new member to the AFED Education Board.

newsflash_oct_2A Brief Profile:

Br. Hassan Dewji is the owner of People Power Limited, a Tanzanian based organization that focuses on human resources and Education Solutions (

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law and Politics from the University of Nottingham and a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from the University of Birmingham. 

Br. Hassan Dewji has more than eight years of experience in recruitment, training, human resource consulting, corporate communications and career guidance, and keen to share his expertise as a member of the Career Guidance team at Africa Federation. 

Mr. Dewji's experience in the field of education, career guidance and recruitment will be a great help for our community students. One of his several key focuses shall be in creating a conclusive and comprehensive plan for 'Career Guidance', he will be working in collaboration with the AFED EB Career Counselor - Fatimbai Sherali.

The other area of priority shall be to create 'Network of Professionals', organize series of events throughout the year to bring awareness to students and parents alike on careers, and also provide training on Basic Career Guidance Services to Counselors in other Jamaats under AFED.

The Education Board welcomes Mr. Dewji to the team and to join hands with the AFED Education Board Members in developing further the Education portfolio for our community.

The Education Board of the Africa Federation

Our Ref: EBS/Flash/04/2012  



The Africa Federation Education Board has secured an apartment in Manipal named 'MASUMEEN ISLAMIC CENTRE'. The premise has been officially designated for various functions whereby our students in Manipal can congregate for religious and social/academic activities.

We wish to thank the AFED Office Bearers for their moral and financial support in establishing the Centre and special thanks to Alhaj Gulamraza H. Sheriff, the AFED Education Board Representative for Manipal & surrounding areas for his assistance.

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