The Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) in collaboration with Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTab) and the Management of Husayni Madrasah Boys Section (HMBS), held a two day Teacher’s Skills Programme for the first time for the Madrasah Teachers of HMBS on 9th and 10th of July 2016 and also conducted a one day Micro Teach on 17th of July 2016 in Dar es Salaam.  28 Teachers attended this program.

Group Photo of the Teachers and the Facilitator, Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi

This Training is an essential part of the Teacher Development Programme. It was conducted by Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi who has completed his Master’s Degree in Education in the U.K.

The training program was facilitated jointly by the World Federation and Africa Federation. The Modules included: 

  • Role and Responsibility of a Madrasah Teacher
  • Lesson Planning and Planning Skills
  • Learning and Reflective Practice

Participants also had the opportunity to practice the skills learnt in the first two days and get feedback from peers as well as facilitators.

A Micro-teach lesson for the Teachers was held on 17th July 2016, facilitated by MCE Head and Facilitator, Naushad Bhai Mehrali.
The Micro Teach Session included: - 

  • Debrief session and sharing of experiences from the two days of Training.
  • The teachers were allocated into groups of 4-5 and were given the opportunity to teach on any topic they were comfortable with to a batch of students (other teachers) and an observer who was also one of the participants.
  • A debrief was conducted after the practice session to discuss general feedback from observations made and further tips regarding teacher-student relationship and classroom management.

The objective of this program is to increase skills of the teachers, and to shift their attitudes and behaviours so that they may be better able to support the learning of the students.

Below are some photographs taken during the training.

Comments from the Participants: 

  • Excellent quotes were shared in the middle of the Training. Excellent reflection processes were utilized, Excellent demonstration of different Teaching/Learning strategies.
  • Sayyid’s presentation was excellent, this has really been an eye opener.
  • One of the best sessions I have been into, truly inspiring and motivating
  • Such programmes are a necessity. I would request continuity to achieve new heights. it leaves a big impact on individuals
  • The micro-teach assisted me to put into practice what I learned during the 2 day training session.
  • It (the micro teach) enables the teacher to plan and make lessons effectively. It helps us to get self-evaluation and improve teaching.
  • It was a fun in a constructive way of learning, and being aware of our short comings in a subtle positive way
  • Microteach is an essential component of assessment and evaluation. It’s an opportunity for teachers’ shared learning. A set-up which is friendly, comfortable, fun and educative

Below, are some photographs taken from the first Micro Teach Session after the main training:

The long-term plan and objective is to provide every teacher who has been trained with the Teacher Skills, five sessions of Micro-teaching experience.

Debrief Session & Evaluation

Group Photo of Micro Teach 1 with Mr. Naushad Mehrali & Sis. Shaida Abdulrasul

The Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTab) wishes to convey its deep appreciation to MCE, Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi and Naushad Bhai Mehrali for conducting these trainings for the development of the Madrasah Teachers.
On behalf of Africa Federation we extend our deep gratitude to Dar-es-Salaam Jamaat for hosting the program and to the Management of Husayni Madrasah Boys Section, Dar-es-Salaam, for facilitating the training program and the support provided to AFTab.
We extend our appreciation to the Teachers for their commitment, their full attendance and positive contributions during the session.
AFTab Secretariat

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