Under the umbrella of MCE of the World Federation and Africa Federation Tabligh Board – AFTab, and with ardent support from the Madaris in Africa, the Teaching Skills Program and Micro Teach Sessions continue to be conducted for the wholesome development of Madrasah Teachers and students.

The following sessions were held during September to November 2016: 

  1. Micro Teach Sessions – Husayni Madrasah Girls Section, Dar es Salaam in September 2016
  2. Teaching Skils Program – Husayni Madrasah, Mombasa in September and October 2016
  3. Teaching Skills Program and Micro Teach Sessions – Husayni Madrasah Boys & Girls Section, Dar es Salaam and Yaadgare Murtazawi Madressa, Arusha in October & November 2016.

Below are brief reports of the above sessions.


The Sessions were conducted by the MCE Facilitator and Principal of Husayni Madrasah Girls Section, Sister Shaida Abdulrasul. This platform of Teaching Practice serves to continue developing the skills of each of the Teachers as they commit themselves towards gradual, continued progress and self-development.

Comments from the Teachers:

  • The observer’s comments were very helpful; helping to find out one’s weakness. I became aware of my own shortcomings by watching out for someone else’s strength and areas of development.
  • Microteaching gives a two-way interaction between a teacher and a student. In a student’s role one grasps the receptivity or perception in the minds of students. Thus you can find out what can be confusing when a teacher skips a point which may seem minor to him/her. Therefore as a teacher one can make an extra effort to plan a lesson that can be effective for students to understand the chosen subject.

The topic ‘feedback’ was a real reflection on us. It was evaluation and preparation towards positive change within oneself.

HMGS Cohort 2 - Micro Teach Session 3 - 22nd September 2016


A Teaching Skills Programme for a second cohort of teachers from Husayni Madrasah of Mombasa Jamaat was held on 24th & 25th September and 1st October 2016. The program was hosted by Mombasa Jamaat, where Br. Hasnain Karim and Sis. Neelam Jiwa were the lead coordinators.

The TSP main training was conducted by Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi from the U.K. over the weekend of 24th September 2016, whilst the Micro teaching session was facilitated by Sis. Shaida Abdulrasul on 1st of October 2016.

The long-term plan and objective is to provide every teacher who has been trained with the Teaching Skills, five sessions of Micro-teaching experience.

A total of 23 teachers were newly trained in the TSP whilst 9 teachers from the first cohort continued with their journeys on the Micro Teaching Practice, along with the teachers from the second cohort.

TSP Cohort 2 in Process - 24th & 25th September 2016

Group Photo of Teachers who attended the Micro Teach Session on 1st October 2016

Comments from Participants of Teaching Skills Programme & Micro Teach Sessions:

  • The module has been very helpful in applying CHANGE IN OUR LIVES…and coming out of our comfort zones and touching the SKIES
  • I feel empowered to bring about a necessary change in Madrasah. Motivated me strongly as a madrasah teacher
  • It’s made me realize my shortcomings and the needs of the students
  • Feedback is important for growth & development. I like the fact that we were pushed to reflect and look at the usual class from a different perspective.
  • The whole process of lesson planning is an interesting process in understanding the quality of information that is being handed out to the class and to realize that it can be BETTER!
  • Lesson planning brought clarity. The session itself; seeing the lesson plan in practice was fulfilling. Feedback session was very constructive.


Teaching Skills Programme was conducted for the 5th cohort of Teachers from Husayni Madrasah Boys & Girls Sections from 29th to 30th October 2016, while the first Microteach for this cohort was held on 6th November 2016 and the second Micro Teaching Session for Teachers of TSP Cohort 1 from Yaadagare Murtazawi Madressah was conducted on 23rd October 2016.
A total of 29 Teachers were newly trained in the TSP in Dar es Salaam whilst 14 Teachers continued with their journeys on the Micro Teaching Practice in Arusha.

Group Photograph - TSP Cohort 1, Micro Teach 2 in Arusha - 23rd October 2016

Group Photograph of Teachers and Facilitator Sis. Shaida Abdulrasul - MT 2 TSP 4 - 4th December 2016

Group Photograph - TSP Cohort 5 - Husayni Madrasah Girls & Boys Sections - 29th & 30th October 2016

Group Photograph - TSP Cohort 5 - HMGS and HMBS - 6th November 2016.


The Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTab) wishes to convey its deep appreciation to MCE of the World Federation and Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi for their efforts in conducting these trainings for the development of Madrasah Teachers. The Board also wishes to record its appreciation to Sis Shaida Abdulrasul whose keen interest and dedication is of great help to us; especially in her new role as a Teachers Skills Programme facilitator for Africa Federation.

On behalf of Africa Federation, we extend our gratitude to Husayni Madrassah Dar es Salaam, Husayni Madrassah Mombasa and Yaadgare Murtazawi Madressah Arusha for facilitating these trainings, Jazaka’llah.

We also wish to thank Dar es Salaam Jamaat, Mombasa Jamaat and Arusha Jamaat for hosting and providing all the support they have always extended to AFTab.

Our gratitude and thanks for the support we receive from the Secretariat of Africa Federation and the staff at the Secretariat in ensuring smooth facilitation and financial support enabling these trainings to take place.

We extend our appreciation to all the participants for attending and contributing positively during the session.
Tabligh Board of Africa Federation (AFTab)

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