MCE of the World Federation in collaboration with Africa Federation Tabligh Board – AFTab organized the following Teacher Development Programs for the Madrasah Teachers in Africa, between March and May 2017:

Micro Teach 3 for TSP Cohort 4 in Dar es Salaam – 5th March 2017 – Facilitated by Sis. Shaida Abdulrasul.

Comments from Participants:

  • I was really confident about myself as a teacher. These 2 days (TSP) taught me that even if I was confident, I had a lot to learn in order to teach better.
  • The facilitators were very professional and succeeded in sharing and transmitting their passion. Thank you! 
  • It helps us working in groups, being organized and elaborate a Lesson Plan. We received a lot of good ideas and after the feedback a great will to continue and to improve. 
  • I learnt a lot about the methods used by the different teachers. Each teacher had some ideas; when we discussed within our group, it motivated us, gave us confidence and above all encouraged us to do our best for our Madrasah pupils. This formation is also very useful in secular schools; indeed this strategy can take a lot of pupils who feel very bad higher. Our support is important for the kids and even those who surround us.

Micro Teach 4 for TSP Cohort 2 in Dar es Salaam – 7th March 2017 – Co-facilitated by Sis. Shaida Abdulrasul and Sis. Zishaan e Fatima Karim


  • Thank you MCE for making this programme and giving us an opportunity to believe in ourselves.
  • Your enthusiasm was honestly and truly inspiring and it’s the thing that has helped us realize our potential as teachers. I didn’t think I would learn so much in just two days (TSP) – I’m more than surprised how much I’ve learnt. 
  • TSP Module enabled and trained me to deal with the obstacles I used to face in my class. 
  • The fact that it was interactive and engaging made a great deal of difference. One of the most powerful tool I believe is the ability to independently think by constructive questioning, I’ve personally developed so Thank you. 
  • Lots of unknowns that I had while teaching are no more unknown.

TSP Cohort 3 in Mombasa, 25th & 26th March 2017 – Co-facilitated by Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi and Sis. Fatima Shivji and Micro Teach 1, 1st April 2017 – Facilitated by Sis. Fatima Shivji


  • I hope all the teachers could attend as I strongly feel other teachers need to know about students’ perspective. 
  • This is going to unleash the creativity in me that I thought I didn’t have. And I will challenge myself to that!
  • It made a big change a very good change as Teacher, mother, wife and daughter in law. 
  • So thoughtful of MCE to take responsibility to cater spiritual needs of our community which has been lacking all these years. Keep up the awesome work!! 
  • Well organized, facilitated. The micro teach module is very helpful in being able to give maximum output. Lots of learning in the process.

TSP Cohort 2 in Arusha, 1st & 2nd April 2017 – Co-facilitated by Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi and Sis. Sabira Sadak and Micro Teach 1, 8th April 2017 – Facilitated by Br. Hameed Sheriff.

Micro Teach 3 for TSP Cohort 1 in Arusha , 9th April 2017 – Facilitated by Sis. Shirin Jeraj


  • Every micro teach session helps me improve my lessons and make them more interesting. 
  • As a madrasah teacher the micro teaching process made me feel & realize on how important Time Management, Resources for a Specific lesson is able to make a lesson more interesting and aims met efficiently. 
  • Micro Teach was a fun thing to experience as a teacher. It was a reminder that planning for your class is extremely important and it takes a lot of dedication to be a teacher!  
  • Micro teach honestly has made me realize where I need to improve. Though I always come with butterflies I leave with a soaring determination to do better and better. 
  • Facilitators are excellent. They make you feel comfortable. Reminders are good. Get to learn new techniques from peers.

Micro Teach 2 for TSP Cohort 5 in Dar es Salaam, 30th April 2017 – Facilitated by Dr. Hasnein Mohamedali

Micro Teach 2 for TSP Cohorts 1&2 in Mombasa, 30th April – Facilitated by Sis. Shaida Abdulrasul.

TSP Cohort 2 and Micro Teach 1, 13th, 14th & 21st May 2017 in Reunion – Co-facilitated by Sis. Muazzama Mamodaly under supervision of Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi

Micro Teach 3 for TSP Cohort 3 in Dar es Salaam – 23rd May 2017 – Facilitated by Sis. Sabira Sadak

There will be further programs organized in the next half of this year in order to ensure continuous professional development for the Madrasah Teachers, insha Allah.

We extend our gratitude to the Jamaats of Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mombasa and Reunion Islands for all their support in the organization of the programs.

We are very grateful to the Facilitators for their time and effort in developing the Madrasah Teachers.

Our appreciation extends to the Madrasah Teachers and their family members for the dedication, support and sacrifice accorded towards this noble cause.

AFTab Secretariat
June 2017

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