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“I raise up my voice - not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard…we cannot succeed when half of us are held back.”  - Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai

The AFED Women’s Board held its first workshop on Saturday 15th April 2017 in Dar-es-Salaam – Titled “Leadership & Emotional Intelligence” for the KSIJ Community Leaders, bringing together over 50 women; young and old from different Jamaats in Africa.
The one day workshop was facilitated by three different women who are leaders in their own rights.
It started off with registration and verses from the Holy Qur’an by Zainab Sumar.  The Master of Ceremony, Ms. Sakina Hassanali opened the day defining what was in store, followed by the welcome speech by the Women’s Board Chairperson Mrs. Zaheeda Alishan.
In her address, the Chairperson said that the Board intends to equip women in the Community to be viewed as assets in the society and not as an exception to the rule. She added that women hold the key to Women Empowerment, through their influence over the coming generations. She cited the example of Lady Khadija whose unconditional devotion, support and encouragement played a very important role in the beginning of the Islamic Society by our Holy Prophet (SAWW).  She looked forward to women to join hands with the Board to help inspire and empower more women of our community to reach great heights as the sky is not the limit for our women.

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AFED Women Board Visits Jamaats in Tanzania

The Women Board Chairperson, Mrs. Zaheeda Alishan paid a visit to Mwanza and Zanzibar and had an opportunity to meet the Ladies Managing Committee of the respective Jamaats.  The Women Board Team also met the Dar es Salaam Ladies Managing Committee.
The focus of discussion during these visits and meeting were: 

  • To connect and create a network with the Ladies members of the Jamaats
  • To brief them about the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Women Board.
  • To unite, develop and empower more female leaders to lead the community in different positions.
  • The way forward is to provide exposure and mentorship to Girls and Women and develop them into spiritually and socially conscious leaders.
  • To discuss the details of the survey sent out by the Board which would enable to identify and reach out to assist and empower the target groups.
  • To discuss the Lady Khadija Grant and its objective to support small businesses that are run by female members of our Jamaats in Africa.
  • To create awareness of the Board’s upcoming event; the Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Workshop for the Ladies Managing Committee team.  This Program is aimed to build their skills and enhance their overall leadership style of our ladies and help them discover effective leadership techniques to handle challenging leadership issues as well as identify and select the appropriate methods that work for them.
  • Introduced the idea of launching the “WE Can Support” Helpline, which would provide help and give effective solutions to tough situations women undergo and to make the lives of women better by giving support, offering hope and creating connections on a regular basis.

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AFED Women Board has started official visits to various Jamaats and meeting their LMC's, with the objective to find out more about the challenges women in our community face and how best can we assist them. Jamaats will be informed of their schedule.
In line with the above, we would like to discover and find out the potentials of women in our community and their abilities and their willingness to assist the community. To do so we are conducting a survey with the objective to Identify and Reach Out to assist, guide and empower the target groups of women and girls at the community level.

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