The Central Bilal Board organized a Dental Camp in Kigoma and its surrounding villages, from 19th to 30th January 2019.
Various volunteers from the Community especially those in the Dental field volunteered their expertise and services at the Camp. 
Below are extracts of what the Youth Volunteers had to say about their experience in volunteering in remote villages for the Free Dental Camp.

This was Bilal's third Dental camp that I participated in and I was filled with emotion as usual seeing people suffering with dental pain for years because they do not have the facility or the ability to get services. This was the first camp Bilal did without partnering with another NGO thus we succeeded in giving all our patients meals and transport to and from their villages to our camp site so that they were not burdened. To ease things for them, we went into the remote villages and screened all the people and transported those that needed treatment. This was an eye-opening experience as we got to see how people live in the villages and how difficult their lives can be. Paying for medical and dental treatment which seems like a necessity to me is a luxury to those who can't even afford their basics.  
During the dental camp, as we went into the villages, we would announce that the people with problems would be given free transport, meals and treatment at our center. This allowed people to believe that Shia's are good people. It increased the number of people who would show up for congregational prayers and increased awareness of the madrasah and school education that takes place in the center.
This trip was work and fun for all of us because we were treated with utmost respect, given good accommodation and food to our liking. Our hosts made sure they had every single detail sorted to make our stay as comfortable and stress free as possible. We would go for a walk at the beach to see the beautiful sunset every evening to unwind the day. Once we closed camp, we spent two nights at Mbalimbali Mahale lodge where we went chimpanzee trekking, fishing and kayaking. Most of these things were a first time for me so it was a perfect way to end the trip.
The experience I had working in a remote village is not easy to express in words. Many people do not have access to dental clinics and suffer from pain that can be relieved by a simple procedure. The Bilal Free Dental camp made a significant step towards assisting these people and many were relieved from pain and discomfort by procedures like extraction and fillings. This really showed me that a medical professional is a servant of God amongst His creation and undertaking the role of fulfilling their needs.
Seeing the work being done by Central Bilal Board and Bilal Muslim Mission on tabligh and Islamic levels was another highlight. Young children in a remote area, where there is no access to enough religious material being able to recite Dua Hujjat and Quranic Surahs really showed that Allah's Guidance is open to all human beings. The work undertaken to construct several mosques, madrasas, nursery schools and establishing Namaaz e Jamaat also reflected the efforts of the people involved to maintain the pillar of Islam.
The visit to Mahale Mountains National Park was a reflection of God's Beauty and Power. Coming close to the Chimpanzees and learning about their social systems showed that Allah has planned a system for everything and nothing is without a purpose. Kayaking, boating and fishing on the Lake Tanganyika, the 2nd deepest lake in the world were other beautiful experiences that I had during the Camp.
The Bilal Muslim Mission FREE Dental Camp has given me a beautiful experience of my life, it involved Tabligh activities, social interaction with the villagers that enabled me as a dental professional to serve the people in need at Igalula village. We did extractions and fillings to relieve pain, looking at the patients and their lifestyles and how contented they were about all the little things they had in their lives made me realize how I need to appreciate Allah SWT in my life a lot more.
Apart from that I made many new friends and met people of different cultures and personalities in which we all grew together standing for one goal which was serving mankind.  New sports like kayaking, sport fishing and chimpanzee trekking at Mahale. The amazing ambience there made me think to myself "and which of the favors of my Lord will I deny"? This dental camp in short has made me a better individual in the social, spiritual and emotional aspects of my life.

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to change people's lives, including your own. The Bilal Free dental camp at Igalula, Kigoma 2019 was my first dental camp and it was an enriching experience full of learning. The exposure was great since treatment did not only include extractions, but also fillings and cleaning. However, it was sad to see the amount of pain and hardships our fellow brothers and sisters have to bear just because of lack of accessibility to basic healthcare facilities in remote villages.
Being there, we got to see the work being put into Tabligh in spreading the message of Islam. Having a mosque with daily Jamaat Namaaz in the discrete village of Igalula was something I didn't expect to see at all. Along with this, the efforts being put into establishing Madrasah's and constructing mosques shows the great vision of the organization.
The boat rides and the trip to Mahale national park was amazing to witness. It showed me how beautifully God has designed nature. Another wonderful observation was the enthusiasm of young individuals from our community in working together to help different people.
The achievement and objective of the dental camp held in Igalula, a village in the Uvinza district in Kigoma region starting from 19th of January 2019 to 29th of January 2019 was a result of the combined efforts of dedicated youth with Central Bilal Board Chairman Alhaj Mohsin Lalji (Sheni).
During the entirety of the camp the volunteers learned how to work efficiently as a team, got to know each other while making great connections and meeting new people. This opportunity taught us how to appreciate one another and why socializing is very important in our generation.
The dental camp also enabled the Bilal Muslim mission to spread the message of Islam, by bringing together people from different cultures and beliefs to the Bilal center in Igalula which houses a full-fledged madrasah and a newly constructed mosque. This enabled the community in many villages in the area to know the existence of the center. 
Upon completion of the camp we were all treated to a specular adventure to the Mahale Mountains National Park. Where we stayed at Mbali Mbali Mahale Lodge, while trekking the mountains for Chimpanzees, and experiencing the sport of fishing and Kayaking on Lake Tanganyika.
All in all, this camp has not only reformed me as a person, but also made me a much better team player while not forgetting the hospitality and warmth we received from the Lalji family.

Alhamdulillah, I was blessed to be part of the Bilal Igalula Dental camp volunteer. I’m very inspired by efforts of Bilal Mulsim Mission to spread Islam in the rural areas. I was very intrigued by the madrasah system and how professionally it was operating. It was amazing how the children of all ages were learning Quran, and how they managed to recite all the Quranic alphabet. 
I discovered how much the villagers lack in a lot of aspects like oral hygiene, and have no access to medical facilities and awareness on their health. I thank Allah SWT that this mission was a big inspiration for me to be grateful of His mercy.
On the social aspect, I learnt so much from the locals including fishing. 
Kigoma has been one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited; from the early morning Boat rides, to the mesmerizing sunsets. I look forward to be part of Bilal Volunteers in the future camps and I hope I do get the chance to serve again.
We wish to thank these Volunteers for their time and dedication and for sharing their experiences with us which reflect their appreciation to the Almighty for the blessings bestowed on them and for appreciating the opportunity to serve Humanity especially the under privileged Society.
Central Bilal Board

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