Ref: CHB/News Bulletin/001/2012

Medical Term: Epidemic Kerato Conjunctivitis (EKC). This is a highly infectious and contagious condition that affects the outer parts of the eye.


Causative agent: A type of virus called Adenovirus

Spread by: Hand to eye contact i.e if an infected person touches his eye and tears and then shakes hands of another person, if the second person touches his eye there is very high chance he will get the infection.

Not Spread by: Looking at an infected person

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We are pleased to announce the following appointments of Committee Members to the Africa Federation Al Qa'eem Housing Project in Arusha. The Committee consists of the following:-

Munawer Bharwani    of Dar es Salaam     -      Chairman
Salimali Panjwani      of Dar es Salaam     -       Secretary
Shabbir Virjee             of Arusha                    -       Member
Sajjad Versi                 of Arusha                    -       Member
Rizwan Sajan              of Arusha                    -       Member

The Committee will have overall responsibility of the project from the design stage up to its completion. Terms of Reference (ToR) covering the administration and management aspects of the Project will be provided to the above Members as soon as possible.

The groundbreaking of the above project was performed on 4th March 2012 and is expected to take off soon once the town council formalities and the securing of building permits are completed.

We are pleased to state that the above mentioned Committee Members possess vast knowledge and experiences in structure and building engineering, also construction management; this will certainly be of great advantage in ensuring adequate compliance in maintaining high standards of construction and quality by the contractors.

Please join us in praying for the successful completion of the project which is named after our 12th Imam, Al Hujjah Al Mahdi (ATFS).

Aunali Khalfan
Hon. Secretary



During the 72nd Supreme Council Session in April 2011 in Mombasa, Kenya, majority of the participants suggested to the Secretariat to bring in changes in the way we run the Supreme Council Sessions. At the workshop held following the SC Session in Mombasa (Sunday, 3rd April 2011), the Councillors and youths expressed their concern and urged for some changes in the way we conduct the Council Sessions. The main concern was that we spend more time in discussing issues of the past year, which adds little value to our organizational development, and is not efficient from a time-management perspective. It was stressed that we look ahead by discussing more about the future plans and actions. 

The AFED Office Bearers had a discussion with the Mombasa workshop Facilitators, who were of the opinion that in order to improve the effectiveness of the Sessions of the Supreme Council, we need to move away from the usual methods of reporting to a new approach of forward-looking reporting, to bring about innovative thinking by all participants, and to enable the boards to come up with workable and action oriented plans.

In response to these concerns from the last Session's participants, the Secretariat will be employing the following process of reporting at the 73rd Supreme Council Session:

All reports will be precirculated to the Councillors, to be read before the Session. The presentation of the boards will be forward-looking and will only include highlights from the past year, and not the entire report.

Along with this Circular, we are sending the amended Agenda of the 73rd Supreme Council Session which reflects the above.

Download: 73rd Supreme Council Session - Amended Agenda - English (PDF, 32KB)

Download: 73rd Supreme Council Session - Amended Agenda - French (PDF, 32KB) 

Aunali Khalfan

Hon Secretary


The forecast for the Crescent of 1st Jamadi-ul-Aakhar 1433 A.H. is as follows: - (Please note that the forecast is based for Dar-es-Salaam and all timings are D'Salaam local time, other towns in the West should make necessary adjustments depending upon the time of sunset).

The birth of the Astronomical New Moon is at 10.20 a.m. on Saturday 21st April 2012 i.e. 28th Jamadi ul Awwal 1433 A.H.

On Sunday 22nd April 2012 the age of the New Moon after the Sun has set is:       

Sunset .................................................    6.19 p.m.
Crescent age at Sunset....................    32 hours 01 minutes
Moonset ..............................................    7.08 p.m.
Time Duration ...................................     49 minutes
Crescent Elongation at Sunset......     13.49 degrees
Moon Altitude at Sunset ..................     10.24 degrees


The best time to observe the crescent is when the sun is 5 degrees below the horizon at 6.36 p.m., when the crescent will Insha'Allah be 20 degrees North of West, 8 degrees North of where the sun had set.




Ref: CHB/News Bulletin/004/2012

"When Sweet becomes Sour"

Diabetic Eye Disease
"Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful." - Helen Keller

Diabetes And Cataracts?

diabetes_4aThe either constant or episodic high blood sugars that a diabetic is exposed to causes the lens of diabetic patients to swell. Over time this causes changes in the lens that cause it to become less transparent.

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Federation_Samachar_Issue_No_3January 2012
Rabi ul Awwal 1433 AH

In this Issue:

Regional Council Resolves to Remain with the Africa Federation
WF President visits India and Pakistan
AFED Visits
Urafiki Sports Festival
Mombasa Red Cross Couple
Mohamed Jaffer - At the helm of a successful business empire

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REF: BMM/9/1433


bmm_rizvi_1Bilal campus and Bilal Islamic Centre in Dar es Salaam commemorated the 10th anniversary of the demise of the Chief Missionary also a founder member Late Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi. The dates have also coincided with the first anniversary of the demise of Late Alhaj Fidahusein Abdallah Hameer.

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On the 8th of March 2012, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi (AFED Chairman), Sheikh Murtadha Alidina (Dsm Jamaat Resident Aalim), Shabir Somji (BMMT Chairman), Sheikh Musabah Shaiban, Alhaj Mohamed Dhirani (former AFED Chairman) were invited by Al Mustafa University, one of the renowned universities in Iran, to attend a special seminar marking the 10th death commemoration of the late Allamah Sayed Saeed Akthar Rizvi, in Qum, Iran.


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Ref: PR/51/2012


Artist's impression of the building

The Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaats of Africa recently marked the start of the construction of the AFED Building named after our 12th Imam Al Hujjah (ATFS) - "AL QA'EEM" at Plot 9 Jacaranda Road, Arusha, and the Ceremony took place on Sunday, 4th March 2012. Leading the Ground-Breaking ceremony were brother Gulam Virji Esmail (SukuSuku) from Dubai and brother Zuher Fazal of Arusha in the presence of the Chairman, Anwarbhai Dharamsi, the Hon. Treasurer, Mohamedbhai Hemani, the Housing Board Chairman, Munawarbhai Bharwani, the immediate past Chairman of AFED, Ramzanbhai Nanji, Naushadbhai Merali of Nairobi and Mustafabhai Jaffer (Sabodo) of Dar-es-Salaam. Also in attendance were the Chairman of Arusha Jamaat, Shabbirbhai Virjee and Arusha Jamaat Managing Committee Members and Trustees, AFED Sports Council Chairman Alhaj Mahmood Somji, Nominated Councillors Alhaj Amir Somji and Alhaj Rizwan Peera of Arusha and Zulfikar Alimohamed, Chairman of the Medical Board of KSI Jamaat of Dar-es-Salaam, also present was the Chairman of Moshi Jamaat Alhaj Ahmed Daya and members of the Arusha and Moshi Jamaats.

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Ref: CHB/News Bulletin/003/2012

Diabetic Foot Disease 

Diabetic foot is a term used to describe the various complications that occur in the feet of diabetics. This includes the formation of ulcers in the feet and infection of the feet. Diabetic feet complications if not picked up early can lead to devastating conditions which may lead either to amputation of the limb or even death.

Types of damage to diabetic feet:

diabetes_3aAs described earlier in this article, the high blood sugars of diabetics cause damage to their blood vessels. In the feet, which are the furthest part of the body from the heart, the poor blood supply to the tissues that results, predisposes diabetics to the formation of ulcers at pressure points. Similar ulcers can also occur in the feet of people who smoke and those with high cholesterol. These ulcers are termed vascular ulcers and occur due to poor oxygenation of the tissues. Obviously a diabetic whose sugars are uncontrolled, who smokes and has a high cholesterol is more at risk of vascular ulcer formation.

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Ref: AK/PR/50/2012


It was a historical occasion for the Institue Islamique De Madagascar (INISMA), The Conseil Regional Des Khojas Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamates De L'Ocean Indien (CROI) and the Shia Ithna-Asheri community in Antananarivo to witness the Grand Opening of Rassoul-Oul-Akr'am (SAWW) Tableegh Building in Antananarivo on Sunday, 12th February 2012 (19th Rabi'ul Awwal 1433 AH), simultaneously the launching of the INISMA TV Telecast Station which is housed in the same building. The Radio Broadcasting has been in operations for a number of years and has effectively transmitted Islamic programs and the message of Ahlul Baiyt (AS) to many parts of Madagascar and the neighbouring Islands, in the local Malagasy, French and Gujarati languages.

It was also an opportunity to pay a tribute to Marhum Alhaj Goulam Abbas Mamod Jamil, who was popularly known as Alhaj Roshan Jamil on the occasion of his first death anniversary, remembering him for his dedicated and devoted services to INISMA. (INISMA is equivalent of Bilal Muslim Mission)

The Guest of Honour at the Ceremony was Hujjatul Islam Wal Mumineen, al Seyyid Jawad Shaharestani, the Representative of Marja-e-Taqleed, Ayatullah al Uzma al Seyyid Ali Hussaini al Seestani, may Allah (swt) protect him and grant him long and healthy life. (Ameen).


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