A delegation of the Africa Federation led by the Chairman Alhaj Shabir Najafi accompanied by the Hon Treasurer Alhaj Mohamed Hemani, the Hon Secretary Alhaj Hussein Karim and the AFED Housing Board Chairman Alhaj Akil Hirji visited Nairobi from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th November 2018.
The AFED Chairman addressed the community members after Milad un Nabii function at the Imambargha, he felicitated members on the grand occasion of the Birth Anniversay of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) and the 6th Holy Imam (A.S.) and also briefed members on the progress of the project.
During the visit, a joint meeting was held with the SAAJ Managing Committee and the Housing Project Committee (HPC) to get an update on the Housing Project under construction. 




Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'un
We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.

One of the longest dedicated and renowned member of Mombasa Jamaat has bade farewell to this world on Saturday 08th December, 2018, and was laid to rest on the same day. Marhum was born on 14th November 1931 in Mombasa, Kenya.  
Alhaj Mohamedjaffer bhai entered into the communal service at a very young age by enrolling as a member of Volunteer Corps of Ithna Asheri Young Men’s Union which was founded in 1945.  He also served a member of its managing committee for several years and also became the Chairman of the Union.
Marhum served as a Trustee of Africa Federation for nine years, and in the same capacity served the Mombasa Jamaat for several years as well as the Ithna Asheri Sports Club later known as Jaffery Sports Club besides serving as the managing committee member of these two organizations.  He also assumed the Chairmanship of Jaffery Sports Club and encouraged youth to excel in the field of sports. As a Trustee he is reputed to keep up-to-date record of Jamaat’s documents, minutes, and other records and was known to be a repository of the history of Mombasa Jamaat.   
Marhum had a passion for education and for several years served as a member of the Board of Governors of Alibhai Panju Jaffery Primary School, Jaffery Academy and Coast Girls High School. He was highly respected by the people of Mombasa.  At an advanced age when he tendered his resignation from the Board of Governors of Coast Girls High School, the resignation was not accepted on the ground that his wisdom and his dedication in promoting the cause of education were considered to be invaluable by the parents as well as by the Board of Governors.


The Shia Asna Asheri Jamaat (SAAJ) of Nairobi through the Tabligh Section organized a Convention - The Interreligious Concept of Humanity with the objectives of uniting communities of different religions and sects under the common message of Humanity preached by all, and with the theme showing that the Saint by the name of Hussain bin Ali (AS) stood for a universal message for all of humanity. 

The Program was held on Sunday 25th of November 2018 in Nairobi and was graced by a number of dignitaries, including the Africa Federation Chairman, Alhaj Shabir Najafi, with his team of Office Bearers. Also present was the Chairman and Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, and representatives Ismaili, Hindu and Christian communities in Nairobi. Amongst the audience were also academicians and scholars.

The enlightening event had different flavors of approach, where everyone had a chance to present messages which were well received by the audience.

Children from Nairobi Jaffery School presented two lovely skits on the principles of humanity – Selflessness and forgiveness.

The program also included a speech by youths from the Hindu and the Christian communities to explain their religious perspectives on humanity.

Finally, there was an open panel discussion with the Scholars and Academicians of each community where issues regarding humanity were addressed from all different religious perspectives followed by constructive and healthy discussions.


The Economic Upliftment Project is about empowering women in the rural centres. This project consists of 15 Women groups established in the rural Centres which are managed by the Mission.

Behind closed doors, we use charcoal stove (jiko) to cook and also to keep warm during cold weathers. Studies conducted by World health organization in 2012 show that 4.3 million people die each year from exposure to indoor air pollution caused by cooking in open fires or rudimentary stoves in poorly ventilated rooms. In order to combat with this problem, Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya introduced the Jiko Bora Project in the year 2018.

The main objective of this project is to promote a healthy lifestyle and also to promote an economical and efficient way of cooking.

The cost of one Jiko is Kshs. 3,600/-. Most Women from the rural area cannot afford to pay this amount due to financial constraints. The Mission has eased their worry by providing them with these jiko’s in form of interest free loans which members can clear in a span of 3 months. A total of 23 Jiko’s were disbursed in 3 centres namely: Burani, Mackinnon and Shimoni in the month of November 2018.


The Africa Federation Housing Board is pleased to provide the latest update on the construction development of Amira Residency at Upanga in Dar es Salaam. The construction work commenced on 10th August 2018 is progressing well with the basement already completed. The ground floor framework is underway and is expected to be completed by 2nd week of December 2018. It is anticipated that the project will be completed as per the schedule, Insha’allah.


Murtadhwa Self-help group was formed in July 2018 with a total number of 22 members. Officials registered the group and also opened a bank account to deposit their weekly savings. The group meets weekly to conduct savings. In order to gain knowledge on how to maintain records and also other aspects of the group, members requested the Mission to organize for a Module 1 Training.

Seeing the consistency of the group, Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya organized a 5-day Module 1 training also known as Leadership and savings training for Murtadhwa Self-help group which consists of elder Men and youth in Bahakanda centre from 16th-20th October 2018. The training was facilitated by the head trainer of the Women group Sis. Sidi Nyota and assisted by Sis Kauchi Chifui.

Objectives of the group:

  • To increase the economic productivity of youths in the community.
  • Will assist members to develop important personal and interpersonal skills.
  • The involvement of youth in the group will help reduce the risk of becoming involved in unsafe activities, such as using drugs.
  • Promote team work.



Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'un - We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.


Marhum Sibtain Akber Kassamali was born in Tanga, Tanzania on 24th March 1963. His parents and family moved to Mombasa in 1971.
Marhum Sibtain was passionate for all sports but his love was for cricket.
He studied at Alibhai Panju Primary School and then did his secondary education at Burhani High School in Mombasa, Kenya.

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A ‘Stronger’ emphasis on Career Counselling

Over the last few years, the Education Board of Africa Federation has been working with the various community schools and Jamaats to encourage a greater emphasis on career counseling.  Education Board uses the Strong Interest Inventory Assessments to further reinforce the concept of Career Assessments in our community schools and to our community students.

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Though I now live in Karachi (Pakistan), my connection with the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri community of London dates back from my student days in the 1950s.

In 1958, together with my other student friends, we decided to form an organization to attend to the needs of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri of East African origin residing in London. A committee was formed to draft the constitution in which I took an active part. Within four months, a   constitution was produced and the East African Ithna Asheri students’ union came into existence. The members gave me an opportunity to serve the community electing me, as Secretary (1959-61) and then as president (1960-61). This body, however, was dissolved upon the formation of the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri community of London.

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