Arusha Jamaat Members Organizes Charity Walk For The Africa Federation Solidarity Day Fund Raising

The AFED Solidarity Day has been chosen by Africa Federation many years ago as a special day to bring about awareness on the plight of the needy in our community while we celebrate the auspicious occasion of the birthday of Imam of our time, Al Hujjah Al Mahdi (ATFS).
For the third year consecutively, the Arusha Jamaat successfully organized a Solidarity Charity Walk, on a cool bright morning of Sunday 7th June 2015 starting from 8.30 am.

Ladies, gents, old, young and children participated in this walk to mark the Solidarity Day with great enthusiasm giving heads up with compassion of the plight of the less fortunate members in our community in the Jamaats under Africa Federation with an impressive turnout of about 150 members.

Participants met up at the Youth League between 8.15 a.m. They boarded buses which took them to Puma Njiro where the Walk was scheduled to begin.
The walk commenced at 9.00 a.m. from Puma to Sakina Supermarket and back to Youth League.  The closing was marked with presentations to the participants with delicious healthy breakfast provided by the famous Naaz Hotel & Restaurant of Arusha.
The Solidarity Day Walk provides a wonderful opportunity for the community members to meet, exchange ideas as well as exercise joyously.
The Arusha Jamaat is grateful to the Kilimeru Sports Club of Arusha for once again organizing the Walk and all the participants who graciously sacrificed their time and braved the cold morning weather so as to raise funds for fellow brothers in need. 
The Africa Federation Chairman in his message to Arusha Jamaat said –
“I am grateful to Arusha Jamaat and its members for taking the lead in this noble and important activity which brings about awareness and motivates community members to contemplate and act with kindness for the plight of less fortunate members in our community under one common flag of Imam-e-Zamana (ATFS). It also provides a wonderful platform to our community members to strengthen further our unity of this great and philanthropist community - May Allah (SWT) reward you all and grant you tawfeeqat to continue with the noble gestures, Ameen”.
Below are some of the photographs of the AFED Solidarity Day Charity Walk in Arusha.

KSI Jamaat of Arusha

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