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Since independence, Tanzania has developed with a broad based nationalistic outlook that has commendably remained free of racial, religious and ethnic tensions.

In the light of current global trends with indications of growing religious, racial, sectarian and ethnic conflicts arising out of political undercurrents in many parts of the world, it is recognized that as peaceful citizens of Tanzania, we need to reach out to diverse communities and wider societies in Tanzanian in an endeavor to help foster greater and closer bonds of understanding, tolerance and mutual respect.

To this end, as a first step, Arusha Jamaat took the initiative of inviting representatives the Asian communities residing in Arusha for a broad based discussion.

A meeting was held at Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Madressah Hall in Arusha, on March 1st, 2014. Representatives of the following communities accepted our invitation for the meeting.

Sunni Jamaat, Bohra Jamaat, Ismaili Jamaat, Hindu Union and the host, KSI Jamaat. The Sikh Community could not attend but sent in a message of goodwill.



Alhaj Ghullamhussein Ramzan Mukhtar, President of Arusha Jamaat, in welcoming participants stated that there was growing need for structured communities not to withdraw into their cocoons. Instead, they all need to come closer to work together for the common good in fostering better human relations all round. They also need to think in terms of the development of Arusha and its environs as a healthy and harmonious city.

After a wide ranging brain storming session, it was agreed to keep up the momentum of such interactions identifying issues and problems that need to be collectively addressed at local and national levels.

Mr. Ghullamhussein Mukhtar thanked all participants for their positive response and expressed hope that we can all work together for the common good and development of Arusha as its worthy residents. He thanked the representatives of the communities who attended the session and wished them well and success in their endeavors.



Standing from Left: Br. Abbas Lalji - Hon Secretary, Br. Nadir – Ismaili Community, Br. Hemal – Chairman Hindu Community, Br. S. Natwani, Br. Burhanddin Patwa - Bohora Leader, Br. Shabir Seifudin, Br. Mohammed Shuaib - Sunni Jamaat Leader, Br. Fayyaz Dhirani - Vice President, Br. Husseinabbas Lalji, Br. Murtaza Valli, Br. Fazal Datoo and Br. Shabbir Virjee.
Seated from Left: Br. Bahadur Nagji - Mukhi of Ismailiya, Sheikh Ayman Sheikh Esmail - Chairman of Bohora, Br. Ghullamhussein Mukhtar - President of K.S.I Jamaat, Br. Feroz Khan - Vice Chairman Sunni Jamaat, and Br. Bhadresh Pandit - Vice Chairman Shree Hindu Union.
K.S.I. Jamaat of Arusha

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