MUHARRAM IN LINDI – 2018 (1440 A.H.)


Muharram the month of reflection and reformation, the month to remember the martyrs and the battle of Karbala in 61 A.H. (680 AD) it is the month of mourning and when “Labbaik Ya Hussein” is heard the loudest. Muharram an opportunity for us to serve in every aspect possible for the love of Imam Hussein (a.s).

The preparation for the first 12 days starts a month before whereby the Jamaat makes arrangement for the Zakir and Zakira, Majlis, Azadari and Nyaz. On the other side, youths prepare to participate for different activities such as Juloos, Karbala model/project and more.

It all starts with the setup of Mosque/Imambargha and Kabrastan with black clothes and banners, followed by a display of Karbala Model/Project and finally preparation for Ashura. Every year families and individuals originally from Lindi, currently residing in Dar es salaam and other places come to Lindi for Azadari of Imam Hussein (a.s). The Jamaat makes the necessary arrangements for them at Musafarkhana and other hotels if required.

The Karbala Model/Project is prepared during the first three days of Muharram by our volunteers. Next is preparation for Juloos route, lighting and Juloos; Juloos is prepared from 9th night of Muharram when final preparation is completed.

Visiting the prisoners in Lindi Prison and maternity ward at Sokoine Hospital is one of the key activities done by the Lindi Jamaat and the youths starting from last year (2017). Youths also distribute food during the day and night of Ashura outside the mosque at Karbala Model/Project.

9th of Muharram

During the day time, Juloos preparation was completed and the youths along with visitors from Dar es Salaam, Bilal Maalim and Jamaat Hon. Secretary visited the prisoners in Lindi Prison; whereby speech in Swahili was given followed by distribution of necessary items for the prisoners such as shaving laser, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. A total of 230 prisoners of which 3 were ladies and 227 gents.

Also, at 11:00 am Majlis for ladies was held at Kabrastan.

Night of Ashura

The night started with the Juloos procession at 8:00 pm from the Mosque walking towards the main bus stand and back to the Mosque, the procession ended by 9:15 pm. In the procession both gents and ladies participate; during the procession boys/youths/elders all get the opportunity to fully participate such as reciting Quran/Nawha and holding Alam/Quran/Banners/Tabut.

During the procession speech is given in Swahili language near the main bus stand of Lindi followed by Matam. After the Juloos procession ends food is distributed to the public that attended the procession. The mosque program continues after Juloos (Procession) such as marshia, majlis, matam and nyaz is served.

Day of Ashura
In the morning the youths along with Bilal Maalim and Jamaat Hon. Secretary visited the maternity ward at Sokoine Hospital and distributed food to the patients in the ward. On the other side, the youths and other elders distributed food outside mosque at Karbala Model/Project until prayers time.

At 11:00 am Aamal of Ashura started at the mosque followed by prayers. Marshia started at 1:20 pm followed by majlis, matam, zanjeer, ziyarat Ashura and Nyaz. At 05:30 pm majlis was held at Kabrastan for gents.

Majlis program was held after Maghrib prayers and thereafter, most of the visitors departed for Dar es Salaam.

The following day, after Friday prayers, ziyarat majlis was held. Thereafter, youths along with Bilal Maalim visited Masjid Ahlulbait at Kilidu, Newala which is 120 kilometres from Lindi town in the region of Mtwara. The visit was to meet our fellow Shia Muslims, their environment and participate in majlis program for moral support. During the visit, short majlis was held, Maghrib prayers was performed, and lastly food was distributed to the attendees and the group returned to Lindi.

Alhamdulillah the first 12 days of Muharram are completed with full participation from members, visitors, youths and our donors who have contributed in different ways possible. The Jamaat would like to thank all for their participation and pray to Allah (swt) that the Majlis and Azadari of Imam Hussein (a.s) continues every year with more participation and activities in commemoration of the great martyrdom of Imam Hussein (a.s.).
Hon. Secretary
KSI Jamaat – Lindi
17th Muharram 1440 A.H.

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