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At the Annual General Meeting of Tanga KSI Jamaat held at the Imambargha on 28th January, 2017, Alhaj Gulamali S. Khakoo was elected to the post of Chairman of the Jamaat for a term of two years 2016-2018. The election was well contested and the attendance was reasonably good compared with the previous such meetings.
The AFED Secretariat is pleased to see some youth who have come forward whole heartedly to serve the Jamaat and bring in new impetus to the Tanga Jamaat and its development.

Following are the names and positions of managing committee members for the new term who were appointed by the Chairman, as mandated by the general body at the AGM.
Alhaj Gulamali S. Khakoo              -  Chairman (Elected)
Alhaj Asger R. Alimohammed         - Vice Chairman
Alhaj Shabir A. Bhaloo                  -  Hon. Treasurer
Br. Ally H. Shivji                          - Hon. Secretary
Br. Mohammed G. Pira                  - Hon. Jt. Secretary
Br. Qalbehussein A. Dhirani            -  Hon. Jt. Treasurer
Alhaj Ali G. Dhirani                       - Managing Committee Member
Alhaj Sajjad A. Khakoo                  -  Managing Committee Member

The Africa Federation Secretariat conveys its heartiest congratulations to the newly elected Chairman of Tanga Jamaat and the managing committee members for a successful, productive and progressive term, Insha’allah.

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