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The sad demise of Alhaj Hassanbhai Abdulrasul Fazal in Tanga on 16 November 1989 has deprived the community of a devoted social worker. He was a prominent member of the Tanga jamaat who spent most of his life in this Tanzanian coastal town, where he had established a small business of clearing and forwarding under the name of "Asthana Brothers".

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Murrabbi Hashambhai Dewji.

Murabbi Hashambhai Dewji was very hard working since his childhood and had maintained his health by actively participating in different activities.

At the age of 18 in 1902 he travelled by sea voyage from India to Zanzibar. He worked for three and a half years for Ismailbhai Sumar and two and a half years with Hasham Hirji in Zanzibar.

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At the 14th Constitutional Conference held in Dar-es-salaam from 4th to 7th April, 1980, Alhaj Hassan Ali M. Jaffer was unanimously elected to the post of Vice Chairman of Africa Federation. Hassan bhai was born in Zanzibar in 1932 and has been a resident of Mombasa since his young age. After completing his secondary school education at Mombasa he undertook a practical course in agriculture at the Indian school of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania.

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The President of the World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithnaasheri Muslim Communities, Al-Haj Mulla Asgharali M. M. Jaffer, on his recent private visit to Kenya, extended his visit to Dar-es-Salaam at the invitation of the Chairman of Dar-es-Salam Jamaat, Alhaj Aliraza Rajani. He arrived on Tuesday, 19th October 1993 and upon arrival immediately attended a session with Africa Federation officials where in the situation of the Somalia community in particular was discussed along with the part the World Federation may be called upon to play to assist the community.

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ahmedbhai_sheriffLate Alhaj Ahmedbhai Hussein Sheriff of Mombasa, a prominent zakir suddenly died on Sunday 6th May, 1990.  He had completed preaching at a majils in Mombasa that Sunday before he collapsed and died.

Marhum Ahmedbhai also made his mark as a writer of religious books and articles.  He drudged and worked hard when preparing his material which therefore was effective and provoked interest.

Mahrum Ahmedbhai was a linguist with good command over English, Guajarati, Urdu, Farsi and Kiswahili.  He chose to write in English for the benefit of the youths in the Community.

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Muhammad Alibhai Kurji was born in Mahuwwa (India) in 1885. After pursuing the basic education he travelled to Madagascar in 1901 and worked for Manjibhai Thawer in Morondava. He was an Ismaili and later embraced the madh'ab of Ahlul Baiyt (AS) when he went to Madagascar.

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Hassanali_Juma_MurajHaji Hassanali Juma Haji Ali Muraj was born in 1903 in Merca (Mogadishu). After pursuing the basic education and attaining religious knowledge he then learnt Italian language and joined his father's business.

He got married in 1925. From this wedlock he was blessed with 6 sons and 2 daughters.

Just after his marriage he established his business which flourished quite well.

As a businessman he also liked travelling. In 1932 he travelled throughout East Africa, Mumbai, Karachi, his home town Kutch Kapaya, Iran, Iraq, Hijaz including Hajj as well as Ziyarat of the 14 infallibles. In 1956 once again he performed Hajj and 14 infallible Ziyarat.

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The Late Haji Muhamadali J Kesani was born in Mikindani (Tanganyika) in 1896 and his father, Haji Janmohammed was born in Kutch Mundra, India. Late Muhamadali resided in Mikindani for many years.

After the demise of his father in 1900, late Muhamadali bhai with his relative's assistance in 1902 he had an opportunity to study Gujarati language in Mumbai Boarding school for 2 years, following this, a famous businessman of that time in Mogadishu, Fazalbhai Hasham found this young man, he was impressed with his abilities and offered him a job and took him Mogadishu in 1908. After working for 15 years, he decided to establish his own business and gradually succeeded. He then started exporting. Later in 1940 he started exporting hides to foreign countries. He was the first Ithna-Asheri to do the hides business.


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Mulla Abdulkarim Gulamhussein Ebrahim Nanji was born in 1899 in British Somaliland in "Zayla". His father was born in Kutch - Kapaya, at the age of 17 he travelled to Aden and worked for Muraj Datoo for 3 years. Later on he went to his homeland married and returned with his wife in around 1892, resided in Zayla- British Somaliland. At that time there were about 7 to 8 families living there, among them were Brother Remtulla Ibahim Nanji, Ali Lalji and Juma Banani.

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At a young age of 14, Haji Dharamsi Ladha together with Kassamali Ladha left India on a voyage by sea via Zanzibar and reached Majunga (Madagascar), where he got involved in business.

His interest in religious affairs was quite deep and as a youth he used to accompany and get guidance from Allama Haji Gulamali Haji Esmail Saheb and Mulla Kader Hussain Saheb. Moreover through Nathubhai Premji's influence Haji Dharamsibhai became a good Zakir and had a good oratory power.

He went for hajj (Pilgrimage) in 1958. On his return he handed over his business to his five sons, and concentrated more on religious activities as well as community services.

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