We are pleased to report that this year we once again organized the Ramadhan Relief through the support we received of USD 10,000 from the World Federation and Africa Federation and, additionally we received contributions locally; this has been an annual event undertaken by CROI in collaboration with the World Federation and Africa Federation. In this regard, we could carry out two types of relief activities, in preparation for the holy month of Ramadhan:

  • Foodstuff distribution to needy families.
  • Iftars in some weak Jamaats.


Instead of giving a financial aid to the families, our Committee decided to provide a standard foodstuff basket to each deserving families. The amount fixed for each basket was around 100.000Ar (around 45USD).

The content of each basket was decided as follows:cr2

-         Rice: 15kgs

-         Tea Leaves: 1kg

-         Sugar: 2kgs

-         Flour: 5kgs

-         Oil: 5 litres

-         Sweetened condensed milk: 10 to 16 tins (quantity depending on the price variation in different places).

Regarding the number of beneficiary in each Jamaat, we based it on our last national "survey for social needs" that we updated just before the holy month of Ramadhan:

  • Two Jamaats (Fianarantsoa and Diego-Suarez) advised that they had no requirements for the Ramadhan Relief.
  • For the other thirteen Jamaats, the beneficiary figures are as follows:


In Antananarivo, the total number of beneficiaries were 135 families, the cost was shared between Antananarivo Jamaat who covered for 45, and the remaining 90 families were covered by CROI.

The distributions took place during the first week of the holy month of Ramadhan in all the Jamaats. In Antananarivo, it was distributed on the 14th of July.


Four Jamaats concentrating about 80% of the headcount received 76.5% of the Relief. For these four Jamaats, we directly purchased the goods from the local wholesalers, and advised them to deliver to the Jamaats who handled the whole exercise so well.

The other nine Jamaats with small numbers of beneficiaries, they purchased the foodstuffs themselves, from the funds sent out to them by CROI.



2- IFTARS for INISMA & Our Jamaats:

  • We provided an amount of 5,712,000Ariary (2,596USD) and 200USD to INISMA (Bilal community) for their Iftar needs (Total: 2,796USD).
  • Four small Jamaats were also given support in their Iftar budget. The approximate total population for these four Jamaats is 310 persons. 20 Iftars at a total cost of 1,236USD were sponsored by CROI, benefitting around 1,775 persons.


The budget for the Ramadhan Relief support and Iftars during this Ramadhan, totaled up at 13,506.23 USD.

The World Federation and Africa Federation financed these operations by 74.04%, the rest was raised locally by CROI.

M. Zahid
Social Welfare Department.

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