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On Friday, July 27, 2018 the Africa Federation (AFED) office bearers had the pleasure to welcome and meet the Vice President of North American Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities (NASIMCO) Br. Arif Jacksi at the AFED Secretariat office in Dar Es Salaam.
The AFED Vice Chairman, Br. Aunali Khalfan, the Hon. Secretary, Br. Hussein Karim and the Asst. Hon. Secretary, Br. Alihassan Kassam met with Br. Arif whose visit provided both the Regional Federations - NASIMCO and AFED with an opportunity to discuss matters of common interest.

One of the issues discussed was regarding the Higher Education Loan repayments by students who had received Education Loans from AFED and residing in Canada/USA. AFED is grateful to NASIMCO for their assistance in this matter; to this end however, there are several challenges pertaining to this that need attention to find effective and smooth approach.
Br. Arif in his message on behalf of NASIMCO expressed satisfaction with the cooperation which exists between NASIMCO and AFED in several areas, including but not limited to regular exchange of communications and visits between the two regional federations of the World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities.
Vice Chairman, Br. Aunali Khalfan explained to Br. Arif on the various challenges AFED is facing including the growing deficit for the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) which is due to sharp drop of the inflow of funds in the last 3 years as a result of reduced income from the ZAKMEF properties and also for non or late repayments of loans by students who have completed their studies and also grace period, triggering a spiral effect in the funding for students who are eligible for loans. 
Similarly, the current adverse economic environment is symptomatic with several parts of Africa, thus institutions such as ours face bigger challenges. The AFED Hon. Secretary pointed out on the various measures being taken, and sought the assistance of NASIMCO in areas such as Higher Education funding for students and also in economic development sector for the young professionals who are keen to develop themselves to become entrepreneurs.  He also explained on the current housing development projects, i.e. “Rent-to-Own” and “House-to-Own” schemes which AFED is undertaking for the community members.

We pray for the success, good progress and wellbeing of all Regional Federations of the World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities and for continued good cooperation and support for each other for the benefit of our communities – Ameen.
The Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa (AFED)

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