Friday, 08/Dec/2023; 24-Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Capacity Building Group – Need Analysis Survey

Need Analysis Survey The Africa Federation Capacity Building Board has prepared a Survey Form which will help them gather information of the requirement of the Community to enable them better reach out and provide the required support and coaching to the members.We request members to complete this survey by 10th March 2023.The survey link is - Building...

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Capacity Building Board – Training in Zanzibar in the “Chalo Jangbar 2022 Historical Expedition”

The Africa Federation Capacity Building Group was privileged to be invited by the AFED Archives Section for their program - THE ZANZIBAR HISTORICAL EXPEDITION – Chalo Jangbar 2022 which was held in Zanzibar from Thursday 8th December to Sunday 11th December 2022. The primary objective of this Expedition organized by the Archives Section was to generate interest and raise...

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Capacity Building Board – AFED Staff Training – November 2022

“Communication is one of the most important skills you require for a successful life.” Employees are the lifeline of any organization and their training and development isn’t just important but is vital for the organization’s growth. The importance of training personnel really cannot be overemphasized and the benefits include increase in staff motivation, improved productivity and the quality of work. Employees learn and develop their...

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Capacity Building Board – Teachers’ Training for Husayni Madrasah Girls’ & Boys’ Section Teachers

When it comes to the world of knowledge, teachers are the torchbearers in showing us the path to the future by means of proper guidance. A good teacher knows the proper methods to teach and guides students in the right direction, as well as understanding the theoretical and conceptual knowledge of the subject they teach. Teachers are valuable assets...

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CBG Bulletin – CBG Board Member – Mumtaz bai Ladak elected as Chairlady of Arusha Jamaat

Self-improvement and capacity building let individuals identify their personal strengths and learn to work with them. From relationships to careers – knowing one’s strengths is important for every sphere of one’s life.It gives a better understanding of what one is seeking and where they can likely thrive and excel. It helps set life goals and find purpose. After all,...

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Capacity Building Board – Youth Development Programme held for the Graduating Class of Husayni Madrasah Girls’ Section

There is nothing as dynamic, exuberant and energizing as youth. It is the youth of our community who will carry on that legacy and help it achieve new heights of progress and accomplishment. These young people are full of unbridled energy, so it is crucial to harness their energy and give them the correct direction. Youth are an integral...

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