Wednesday, 01/Dec/2021; 26-Rabi Al Thani 1443 AH

Education Board News Flash 17 – 2019/2020

Coronavirus – A window of Opportunity “No disaster strikes except by permission of Allah. And whoever believes in Allah - He will guide his heart. And Allah is Knowing of all things.”- Surah Taghabun, verse 11 The coronavirus pandemic has caused massive, worldwide disruption of normal life. Many of us are self- isolating and maintaining social distance. This...

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Education Board News Flash 12 – 2019/2020

AFRICA FEDERATION OFFICE BEARERS MEET MEMBERS OF MAURITIUS JAMAAT AND STUDENTS STUDYING IN MAURITIUS One of the focal points for Africa Federation’s Education Board is to Increase community engagement with member Jamaat bodies and students though direct interactions, focus group discussions and Student Alumni network. Recently Africa Federation’s Office bearers visited Mauritius Jamaat and met with students studying...

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Education Board News Flash 11 – 2019/2020

COMMUNITY STUDENTS STUDYING IN CHINA Following the recent Coronavirus outbreak in China and its spread to other countries including Malaysia, Africa Federation Education Board reached out to our community students who are studying in those countries in order to ensure they are safe and taking the necessary precautions. All students – 8 in China and 3 in Malaysia...

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Education Board News Flash 10 – 2019/2020

Education Board member visits Arusha Camp 2019 The Education Board of Africa Federation has been doing outreach activities over the last few months to engage with students, parents and the general community and share the work that the board does. Similar opportunities are also used to discuss important education related issues. The board received one such opportunity in...

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