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Tutorial No. 9: Swallowed Poision

Chemicals that are swallowed may harm the digestive tracts or cause more wide spread damage if they enter the blood stream and are transported to other parts of the body. Hazardous chemicals include common household substances. For example, bleach, dishwater detergents, kerosene are all corrosive when swallowed. Drugs whether prescribed or bought over the counter are also potentially...

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CHB Bulletin – First Aid – Seizures

Seizures - Tutorial Number 6 A seizure - also called a convulsion or fit - consists of involuntary contractions of many muscles in the body. The condition is due to a disturbance in the electrical activity of the brain. Seizures usually result in loss or impairment of consciousness. The most common cause is epilepsy. Other causes include: Head...

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CHB – Health Bulletin – Revised Guidelines for the Jamaats and Self-Financing Patients

Ref:CHB/Flash/2011/51          Date: 21st January 2011 Download Bulletin PDF Revised Guidelines for the Jamaats and Self-Financing Patients As per the flowchart that can be downloaded from the link below, the following is the information that provides useful guidance and direction of the processes and procedures to the constituent jamaats and self-financing patients to follow when...

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Board Members

Shabbir Kermalli Chairman Dr. Imran Hassam Vice Chairman Abbas Kermalli Secretary Dr. Kazim Dhalla Dr. Nasreen A Hirji Dr. Shaina Yusuf Mohammed M Alloo Zaheda Dewji Akber Alarakhia Murtaza Lalji Zainab Jacksi – Chandoo  Administrator Shabbir Lalji Administrator

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