Wednesday, 01/Dec/2021; 26-Rabi Al Thani 1443 AH

Zainabiyya Sponsored Students Excel In Finals

The Bilal Comprehensive School Final results for the year 2010 revealed that students sponsored by Zainabiyya Child Sponsorship Scheme (ZCSS) excelled in their studies. ZCSS sponsors 106 students in the primary and secondary levels through Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania. Click here to view a table of the students awarded a 100% fees grant for the year 2011...

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Bilal Tanga Commemorates Imam Hussein (a.s.)’s Martyrdom

REF: BMM/2/1432                                                                               DATE: 18/1/2011  Bilal Tanga Commemorates Great Martyrdom Of Imam Hussain (AS) - Muharram 1432 AH Tanga town was draped in black as the Mission's branch took to the streets to mark the anniversary of the martyrdom of the third Shiite Imam. Imam Husain (as) together with his companions were mercilessly martyred on the plains of Kerbala,...

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Public Speaking and Teachers Training Programme

Public Speaking and Teachers Training Programme The Bilal Muslim Mission Branch in Tanga in collaboration with Arusha Branch organised the programme from 31st December 2010 to 2nd January 2011 targeting students of Higher Islamic studies in Tanga as well as teachers from the centres in the region. Representation from Bilal Head office was made by Shiekh Abdu nur...

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