To identify, initiate and support the healthcare, health education and physical fitnessactivities in order to promote health awareness in the community. Also provide advice andassist patients for medical treatment both locally and abroad when required.

Ref: CHB/News Bulletin /001/2014                                                              Date: 24th January 2014

Ref: CHB/News Bulletin /001/2014

Dehydration - You are thirstier then you think!

dehy1You may take water for granted, but your body doesn't. Two-thirds of a healthy human body is actually made up of water. It's necessary to help our blood carry nutrients and waste (toxins) around the body and to help the chemical reactions that occur in our cells. Every cell, tissue and organ needs water to function properly.

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Ref: CHB/News Bulletin /007/2013         

Skin - more than a covering

sk1The skin is the largest part of us, the largest organ we have, its surface being about 2m2, and it acts as a physical barrier.

On the one hand it prevents undesirable elements getting into the body, whilst on the other it keeps in essential elements, like water. It therefore plays the role of interface between ourselves and the rest of the world, being our 'visible' part. It is very important for our morale and our well-being, which is why it must remain healthy and good-looking. In fact a good-looking skin makes us more confident and plays an important part in our self esteem.  Don't we say "You're looking good"?

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Ref: CHB/News Bulletin/006/2013         

Dengue fever Outbreak!

d1The Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is investigating an outbreak of dengue fever, in Dar es Salaam and the surrounding areas.  A public health team found several persons with dengue fever while investigating an increase in malaria-like illness. Further confirmatory testing is taking place.  Earlier this year, dengue outbreaks have been reported in Somalia and Kenya, including a large outbreak in Mombasa.

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Ref: CHB/News Bulletin/004                                                                    

We spend about 8 hours a day, 56 hours a week, 240 hours a month and 2,920 hours a year doing it. And by "IT" I mean good, old fashion sleep. We apparently spend one third of our lives doing nothing. But is sleep really doing nothing? It looks like it...our eyes are closed, our muscles are relaxed, our breathing is regular, and we do not respond to sound or light. If you take a look at what is happening inside of your brain, however, you will find quite a different situation - the brain is very active. You are doing something!

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depression_1The word "depression" comes from the Latin word, "deprimere", meaning to press down or depress. Anyone who has ever suffered from depression recognizes the connection between the physical feeling of being pressed down and the emotional and spiritual sensation of feeling depleted of energy for living. It can be described in vivid terms such as "being in a deep, dark pit", "feeling hopeless about life", "total apathy for living" and "absolutely no enjoyment in life anymore".

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