Wednesday, 26/Jan/2022; 23-Jumada Al Akhira 1443 AH

Capacity Building Board Bulletin – Facilitator Development Master Class Programme

Team communication is the exchange of information within a group of colleagues working towards a common goal. However, there’s also a lot of potential for team communication to become miscommunication. Just because there’s an exchange of information doesn’t mean it’s always done effectively. Communication bridges teams together and needs to be practiced to ensure a team is working smoothly...

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Capacity Building Board Bulletin – Mentor Development Master (MDP) Class Programme

Mentors operate across the spectrum, from business, finance and career planning, helping you to set personal goals and ways to achieve them. In the field of mental health, a mentor is a trusted and respected adviser who can help you improve your mental health through their life experience and knowledge. Quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on individuals in a variety of personal, academic, and...

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Capacity Building Board Bulletin – Marital Mediation Refresher Masterclass

Marital Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution program widely encouraged in many circles. Mediation is process driven whereby the solution comes from the parties concerned with the help of the mediators.  Marital Mediation has been one of the core portfolios of the Capacity Building Group that has been sorely underutilized. In February 2017, a total of seven mediators...

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Capacity Building Board Bulletin – How to Talk More and Fight Less with your Family

Effective communication is the foundation of healthy family relationships. The way we communicate with our family members greatly impacts our relationship with them and determines the emotional climate of the home. These daily interactions in turn impact our own moods and happiness. Although communication is vital, it is very easy to get it wrong. Many of us struggle...

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