Monday, 26/Oct/2020; 9-Rabi Al Awwal 1442 AH

Education Board News Flash 06 – 2020/2021

Diploma vs Foundation: Know the Difference Entering higher education can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming process when it comes to comparing all the different courses available. Undergraduate qualifications are considered to be the next academic step up from A-levels.  From HNDs and CertCEs to foundation and bachelor’s degrees, there is plenty to choose from but it is...

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Education Board News Flash 05 – 2020/2021

Career Roundtable – Student’s Edition Following the success of the first Career Roundtable webinar in June 2020 the Education Board has decided to continue with this series of webinars that aims to bring together speakers and experts, our students, parents and other education related stakeholders from different parts of the world to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences....

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Education Board News Flash 04 – 2020/2021

Is distance learning/online studying for you? Over the past several years, online degree programs have grown significantly in popularity, and the structure of these courses continue to grow and evolve as technology evolves. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online learning has become more centric in people's lives.  Online degrees are an accessible and affordable option for prospective students who...

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Education Board News Flash 2 (2020/2021) – Scholarships Digest Edition 2

There are many scholarships available for students to support them for postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. Following on from our first newsletter, this article will focus on highlighting some of the scholarships available for postgraduate studies. It is important to apply for scholarships with criteria that fit your specific requirements. Some important aspects to keep in mind before you...

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Education Board News Flash 01 – 2020/2021

CAREER ROUND TABLE – A WEBINAR One of the main focus areas of the AF Education Board for the term 2019 -2022 is to support individual students within the community with effective career counseling mechanisms. This has become even more important as students and parents combat uncertain times. AF Education board thus organized a webinar titled “Career Roundtable”...

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Education Board News Flash 20 – 2019/2020

HAS COVID-19 DESTIGMATIZED MENTAL HEALTH? The public perception of mental health and illness has changed with more people opening up about their experiences and seeking help for it. Nevertheless, mental health is still being viewed negatively in our setting.Mental health has often been considered less important to physical health sending out messages that mental health disorders or illness...

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