Sunday, 29/May/2022; 27-Shawwal 1443 AH

Bilal Bulletin – BMM Tanzania – Appeal for construction of Bilal Community Centres

CONSTRUCTION OF BILAL COMMUNITY CENTRES The Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania (BMMT) was established in 1968 for the purpose of undertaking Tabligh activities, spreading out the message of Islam as brought to us by Ahlul Bayt (‘A).  The Mission has to date over 150 centres in various regions of Tanzania. Some of these centres have only mosques, others...

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Bilal Bulletin – BMM Tanzania – Tanga Branch Rabiul Awwal 1443 AH Report

Report No. 114  Rabiul Awwal, 1443 A.H. October, 2021 BILAL TANGA CELEBRATES MILADUN NABI Bilal Tanga carried out Miladun Nabi celebrations on 16th October 2021 i.e. 17th Rabiul Awwal 1443 AH. after Maghribayn prayers. Sheikh Kadhim Abbas from Hauzatul Qaim Tanga delivered the speech at Bilal Tanga Husainiya, the gathering was well attended by various mo’mineen, teachers of...

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Bilal Bulletin – BMM Tanzania – Bilal Delegation Visit to Uvinza, Urambo and Tabora

The Bilal Delegation comprising of the Chairman Alhaj Hussein Karim and Tabligh Coordinator Sheikh Msabaha Mapinda visited Tabora, Uvinza and Urambo.  Location: Kigoma is in the Western Tanzania, bordering Burundi. Tabora is in central Tanzania 345km South of Mwanza, 823 km from Dar es salaam and 422 from Kigoma. Tabora was one of the active Jamaats in Tanzania...

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