Sunday, 01/Aug/2021; 22-Dhul Hijjah 1442 AH

Dharamsi Gangji Ithna’asheri School in Zanzibar

Marhum Hussein Dharamsi Gangji was born in Zanzibar on 12th August 1913 (23rd Shawwal 1335 AH). He lived in Zanzibar until the age of 51 and was in the business of growing and exporting cloves and coconuts. He was married to Marhuma Zainabbai Mohamedali Jaffer (daughter of Mulyani Kulsumbai Abdullah Khimji of Dar es Salaam).  Husseinbhai and Zainabbai...

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Batulbai Mustafa Fazal – A Passionate and Dedicated Madrasah Teacher

Passionate teachers occupy a fundamental role in society because of the appreciative efforts they employ for educating the youth, especially when it is in regards to the importance of Salaah and Qur’an. One such personality is Batulbai Fazal.  Batulbai Fazal was born in Bujumbura. She is the daughter of Marhum Mohammedhussein Rajabali Alidina and Marhuma Rukiyabai Ebrahim Jivraj,...

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Munira Bai Mushtaq Fazel – Ordeal of the Uganda Exodus

Munirabai Mushtaq Fazel is one of the panelists in the upcoming Archives Program – Panjo Uganda on Saturday, 8th May 2021. Munira bai was born on 30th September 1949 in Kampala, Uganda. Her parents – Marhum Ebrahim Alarakia Kassam and Marhuma Rukiyabai Kassam were very active volunteers in Kampala Community and thereafter they continued their selfless services in...

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