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Africa Federation Archives – Alhaj Anwarali Rajabali Dharamsi – A Strategist, Visionary and an Inspiring Leader

Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi, fondly known as Anwar Bhai, was born in Kilwa, Tanzania on 22nd March 1951 to his parents Rajabali bhai and Fatma bai of the well-known Dharamsi family of Masasi and Lindi. He studied and grew up in Lindi. Upon completing his studies in 1965, Anwar Bhai started managing their small family business. His responsibilities multiplied...

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Africa Federation Archives – Honoring the Meritorius Services of Marhum Enayat Ali Nathani of Malawi

Marhum Enayat Ali Nathani was born on 22nd November 1975 in Karachi, Pakistan. He was the first born child of Wazir Ali Nathani and Naseem Zehra Nathani.Enayat Ali went to Gulaman-e-Abbas School for early education and later switched to Maryam Academy and completed his Matriculation in 1992 in Karachi.  He accomplished his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce in 1997.He...

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Recollecting the Community & Social Services of Alhaj Ramzanali Mohammed Hussein Nanji

Ramzanali bhai Nanji was born on 15th August 1942 in Mombasa, Kenya to Mohammed Hussein Mulla Nanji and Shireenbai Nanji. He is one among the siblings: Marhuma Fatmabai Karawalli, Marhum Aliasgher Nanji, Marhum Aliraza Nanji, Marhum Pyarali Nanji, Mohammed Jaffer Nanji, Zainabbai Mulji, and Gulamabbas Nanji.He completed his primary education at Ithna Asheri School and secondary school at...

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Remembering the Legacy of Zakira Marhuma Rukiya bai Sherali Ahmed Ladha

Some individuals silently dedicate their lives in the service of the community without seeking recognition. These are personalities who ardently and actively spent their lives doing tabligh, instilling the love of Ahlulbayt (‘A) and Azadari of Sayyed al Shohada Aba Abdillahil Hussain (‘A) and promoting our faith for which posterity will remain indebted to. It is through their...

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Marhum Haji Kassamally Esmael Ebrahim Dossa – Pioneer of Khoja Shia Ithna Ashary Jamaat of Mauritius

The Khoja Shia establishment in Mauritius began in the last century following migration of Shias (mostly Khoja Shias) from India and Iran who came to Mauritius with a view to uplift their economic situation.   They were mostly involved in trade and closely related to each other. Late Haji Kassamally Esmael Dossa who was one of the migrants who...

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Nakuru Summer Camps – The Trailblazer

In 1995, Dr. Shiraz Datoo, who was then the Dar es Salaam Tabligh Chairman, had a brainwave.  Have an awayday residential camp for two weeks of young boys with the objectives listed below. Dr Shiraz, and Maalim Mehboob Somji, Tabligh Secretary, went on to plan and deliver the first camp held at Nakuru, Kenya, in December 1995. Several...

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