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Africa Federation Archives – Book Release – A Pictorial Journey of the Khojas of Madagascar

In an eagerly awaited follow-up to his first book, "Les Khojas de Madagascar: Photos anciennes (1900 - 1960)" Zoulfiqar bhai Vasram of Madagascar is set to release his second volume titled "Les Khojas de Madagascar: Structuration d'une communauté en photos (1960 - 1980)." This new publication promises to be a rich visual journey through the pivotal years of...

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Africa Federation Archives – Legacy and Progress: Navigating Community Service Through Time

In the annals of community service, there exist luminaries whose contributions stand as pillars of inspiration for generations to come. One such luminary is Haji Wallibhai Ramji, whose unwavering dedication and selfless commitment to the welfare of humanity were honoured with the prestigious Abbasi Medal. This recognition came during a ceremony held on October 28, 1965, where the...

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Africa Federation Archives – Lindi’s Luminary: Marhuma Zehra Bai Kassamali Moledina Manji

Zehra Bai Kassamali Moledina Manji, born on January 3, 1930, in Zanzibar to Rajabali bhai Jaffer and Fatmabai Peera, stands as an unsung figure from the history. Hailing from the small town of Lindi in South-Eastern Tanzania, Zehra Bai's life mirrors an unwavering dedication to family and principles, marked by remarkable contributions that have left an enduring impact...

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AFED Archive Initiative – The Daring Somalia Rescue Mission – Sunday 24th March 2024 – 2.00 pm (EAT)

Join us Tomorrow Sunday, 24th March 2024 as Murabi Sajjadbhai narrates the tale of the daring Somalia rescue mission. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as he unveils the challenges, triumphs, and the sheer willpower that drove him to lead an extraordinary mission. Don't miss it! #SomaliaRescueMission #UnityInAdversity #CommunityStrength

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The Somalia Rescue Mission 1991 – A Voyage by Sea

In January 1991, Murabi Sajjadbhai M Rashid and his team, with support from philanthropists like Naushadbhai N Merali and Roshanbhai R Merali, led a courageous rescue mission in Somalia, evacuating over 1,000 community members amid turmoil. Despite challenges, including negotiations and stranded lifeboats, their determination remained steadfast. This Mahe Ramadhan, Murabi Sajjadbhai will recount the daring mission, highlighting the...

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Africa Federation Archives – Mrs. Khairoonnissa Abdulhussein Molu

Within every community, there exist those extraordinary individuals whose dedication and steadfast commitment to serving others leave an everlasting imprint on the hearts of those they touch. Mrs. Khairoonnissa bai Abdulhussein Molu was one such radiant personality whose recent demise has left a huge void in the community and society at large.For more than seven decades, Khairoonnissa bai...

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Africa Federation Archives – The Pioneering Journey of the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Community in Reunion

In 1958, the vibrant tapestry of Reunion Island was woven with the arrival of a pioneering personality, Alhaj Haydarali Mohammadali Cassam Chenaï. Emerging from the northern landscapes of Madagascar, specifically Diégo Suarez, he embarked on a remarkable journey that unfolded through the bustling capital, Antananarivo, and eventually found its serene anchor in the beauty of Reunion Island. Enroute,...

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Africa Federation Archives – Reminiscing the dedicated services of Marhum Maalim Ahmed Issa Hasham

In the annals of selfless service and unwavering dedication to the community, the name Maalim Ahmed Issa Hasham shines brightly, a testament to a life rich with purpose and compassion. Maalim Ahmed Issa Hasham, famously known as Maalim Issa, has made remarkable contributions that have left an indelible mark on the lives of countless people. As we reflect...

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Khoja Heritage Day – Celebrating Khoja Legacy and Unity

Understanding and appreciating one's history is an invaluable asset, offering a profound sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. The Africa Federation's commendable initiative to promote awareness of Khoja heritage serves as a beacon, not only for the current generation but for those yet to come. Connecting younger members of the community to their roots ensures the perpetuation of...

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