Monday, 26/Oct/2020; 9-Rabi Al Awwal 1442 AH

Covid-19 Kenya Situation Alert

 Kenya has continued to report increasing cases of COVID 19 since the first case was reported on 14th March 2020.  Community members are advised to stay alert all the time and take all necessary measures to protect themselves, their families, friends, neighbors and the general public. The famous adage: “Precaution is Better than Cure” On 10th July 2992...

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Announcement – Training Opportunities in Internal Medicine

Training opportunities in Internal Medicine by East, Central and Southern Africa College of Physicians (ECSACOP). ECSACOP has training opportunities leading to qualification FCP (ECSA) in Internal Medicine. The deadline for application is 30th June 2020. The qualification is accepted by the Health Regulatory Boards/ Councils within the East African Community. Doctors considering specialization in Internal Medicine may apply...

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COVID-19 – Guidance for Infection Prevention at Homes and Residential Communities

THE CORONAVIRUS IS HERE! GUIDANCE FOR INFECTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL FOR NOVEL CORONAVIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19) IN HOMES AND RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITIES This is an interim guidance to help household members plan for community transmission of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). You are encouraged as household members to prepare for the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in the community. COVID-19 is...

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Health Bulletin – Corona Virus Prevention

China reported to the WHO about an outbreak of “pneumonia of unknown etiology” in Wuhan City of China in December 2019. Subsequently the Chinese scientists identified the cause pneumonia due to novel coronavirus (2019-nCov). Since then, the disease has been reported from all Provinces in China and several other countries in the world. The initial cases were linked...

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