Saturday, 02/Dec/2023; 18-Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Health Bulletin – Ischemic Heart Disease

The word Ischemia means lack of adequate blood supply to a particular organ of the body due to blockage of its blood vessels. Just like any other organ, the heart also requires an adequate supply of oxygenated blood to continue pumping blood throughout the body.  The arteries that supply oxygenated blood to the heart muscles are called coronary...

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Health Bulletin – Smokeless Tobacco: Health Effects & Hazards

Smokeless tobacco is associated with many health problems. Using smokeless tobacco: Can lead to nicotine addiction.  Causes cancer of the mouth, esophagus (the passage that connects the throat to the stomach), and pancreas (a gland that helps with digestion and maintaining proper blood sugar levels).  Is associated with diseases of the mouth.  Can increase risks for early delivery...

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