Sunday, 01/Aug/2021; 22-Dhul Hijjah 1442 AH

Dar es Salaam Jamaat Program – Mental Health Webinar: Psychosis or Jinn-Struck? – Saturday 10th July 2021

CARE Space, a KSIJ Dar Mental Health Initiative, presents: Psychosis or Jinn-Struck: Islamic, Psychological and Medical Perspectives.   Clear all your misconceptions about one of the lesser known Mental Health Disorders, Psychosis, through Spiritual, Medical and Psychological insights from experts in the fields.    Tune into the upcoming webinar on Saturday, 10th July at 8pm EAT on

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Dar es Salaam Jamaat – Motherhood and Careers Webinar

MOTHERHOOD and CAREERS WEBINAR Today Friday 7th May at 9:30pm (East African Time) Careers Hub brings to you a LIVE Webinar at featuring accomplished women and mothers from our community.  The Webinar's agenda will be around a timely conversation today about how to reignite women's career passion while still playing the motherhood role and how family members can support them in...

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Dar es Salaam Managing Committee

Alhaj Mohamedraza DewjiPresident Alhaj Abdulrasul ShamjiVice President Alhaj Zulfikar ChandooHon. Secretary Alhaj Imran SheraliHon. Assistant Secretary Alhaj Muhammadasghar ShivjiHon. Treasurer Alhaj Abbasali HirjiCommittee Member Alhaj Abbas JessaCommittee Member Alhaj Abbas Sikander MohamedCommittee Member Alhaj Arif DhiraniCommittee Member Alhaj Hassan DewjiCommittee Member Alhaj Murtaza H LaljiCommittee Member Alhaj Sajjad DharamsiCommittee Member Alhaj Azim DewjiTrustee Alhaj Gulamhussein KermaliTrustee Alhaj Dr....

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