Tuesday, 18/Jan/2022; 15-Jumada Al Akhira 1443 AH

Nakuru Summer Camps – The Trailblazer

In 1995, Dr. Shiraz Datoo, who was then the Dar es Salaam Tabligh Chairman, had a brainwave.  Have an awayday residential camp for two weeks of young boys with the objectives listed below. Dr Shiraz, and Maalim Mehboob Somji, Tabligh Secretary, went on to plan and deliver the first camp held at Nakuru, Kenya, in December 1995. Several...

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Raziyabai Janmohamed – Our Community Luminary

Great leaders are essential to create a thriving society as it is through their foresight, wisdom and selflessness that a sturdy foundation is built and the community flourishes.  When we think of such leaders, we cannot be oblivious amongst several personalities who have played pivotal roles in the Community, and one of them being Raziyabai Gulamabbas Janmohammed. Raziyabai...

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