Saturday, 28/May/2022; 26-Shawwal 1443 AH

VSS – Ramadhan Reflections #5

"The general economic activity of the virtuous community, as well as its financial capacity and public income, is looked upon as one of the most important issues on which the fiscal power of the virtuous community—plus its capability of movement and protection against dangers and perils and steadfastness against difficulties and pressures—depends. Without taking this issue into consideration, no...

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VSS – Ramadhan Reflections #4

In these Nights of Destiny, let us make an intention to take steps to be among the Mutaqqin as taught by the man himself, Imam Ali ('a).This Ramadhan should be different, we need to be ready for the Dhuhoor of our Imam (a.t.f.s), it should start with his Dhuhoor in our hearts. #Spirituality #VSS #VirtualSafeSpace

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VSS – Ramadhan Reflections #2

It is the responsibility of the parents to teach & educate the message of Islam to children at an early age, otherwise they will grow up heedless. This only happens with strong family bonds & effective communication. Best acts in the best month yields best results. #Spirituality #VSS #VirtualSafeSpace

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VSS – Shabaan Reflections #7

“Leave them (alone) so that they may eat & enjoy themselves, and that they may be bemused by hope for they will soon know.”  Surah Hijr, Verse no: 3 They are so blindfolded because of their arrogance and negligence that they are distanced from reality & engaged in their daily routine affairs which all make them unable to...

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