Thursday, 20/Jun/2024; 14-Dhul Hijjah 1445 AH

Housing Development Board Bulletin – The Arusha Al Mahdi Housing Development Project – Progress Report

We wish to inform our Community members, especially members of KSI Jamaat of Arusha regarding the progress of Al Mahdi Housing Development Project of the KSI Jamaat Arusha.It is heartening to witness the Project progressing well at a steady pace in line with the plan for completion. The AFED Housing Development Board with the support of the Jamaat...

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Housing Development Board Bulletin – “Madinah Residency” – The Latest AFED Housing Development Project in Dar es Salaam

During the Holy Month of Ramadhan, we are on a great spiritual journey towards Allah’s (SWT) blessings and mercy, we remember the words of our Holy Prophet (SAWW) of the banquet which has been laid out for us of spiritual delicacies. Let us continuously remember each other in our supplications during these special days and nights, and pray...

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Housing Board Bulletin – Arusha’s Al Mahdi Construction Project Resumes with Renewed Impetus

The Al Mahdi project on plot No. 13, Sokoine Road in Arusha was initiated by the Arusha Jamaat in 2012. Unfortunately, due to various challenges and hurdles that this project went through, it could not progress. To this end, there have been several consultative meetings between Arusha Jamaat and Africa Federation (AFED) office bearers, the Housing Development Board...

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Housing Board Bulletin – AFED Purchases a Plot in Prime Area of Dar-es-Salaam for a Housing Project

إِنَّا أَعْطَيْنَاكَ الْكَوْثَرَSurely We have given you the Kawthar We congratulate the Imam of our time (ATFS) on the blessed occasion of the Birth Anniversary of the Lady of Light, Sayyida Fatima (‘a), and it is with pleasure that the Housing Board would like to inform the Community of the purchase of a plot in Dar-es-Salaam by the...

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Housing Development Board Bulletin – Mwanza Bilal Mosque and Nursery School Construction Progressing Smoothly

The Africa Federation Housing Board is pleased to share with the community on the progress of the Bilal Mosque and Nursery School project in Mwanza since it took over the construction of this project in October 2023, on behalf of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania.Seyed Muhammad Naqvi of “Spirit of Hussein” who are the donors of this entire...

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Housing Development Board Bulletin – Housing Board Chairman Visits Kampala

On 2nd August 2023, the Housing Board Chairman Alhaj Akilbhai Hirji, AFED Trustee/Housing Board Advisor Alhaj Shabir Najafi and Project Coordinator, Mohamedbhai Moledina visited Kampala for a 3-day visit to see the progress of the on-going commercial project, they also met the executive committee and trustees of KSIJ Kampala. A visit was also made to view the plot...

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